The actors who have been behind the mask of Michael Myers

From John Carpenter’s 1978 film to David Gordon Green’s most recent trilogy, Michael Myers has been played by many actors; Here’s a breakdown of all of them.

First introduced in John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978), Michael Myers appears as a young man who murders his sister Judith (Sandy Johnson), then escapes from a mental institution and returns to Haddonfield to hunt down more teenagers. From there, he became the embodiment of evil that haunts horror fans and non-horror fans alike.

With so many Michael Myers appearances, the character also known as “The Shape” has been played by various actors throughout 13 films. In addition to physical actors, there are also voice actors and part-body actors or stunt doubles that have been used throughout the franchise. Here are all the actors who have brought the iconic killer to life over the years.

Six interpreters in ‘Halloween’

In the original Halloween movie, Michael Myers was played by six different actors. At the beginning of the story, when he was a child, Michael is played by Will Sandin. In the first-person sequence shot, when young Michael grabs a knife from the kitchen and goes upstairs to kill Judith, Michael’s hand on the screen is from Debra Hillco-writer and producer.

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The adult Michael Myers, or The Shape, as he appears in the credits, was primarily played by Nick Castle in all the scenes where the masked killer is lurking. However, when Michael Myers is briefly unmasked by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), the bare-faced Michael was Tony Moran.

Additionally, Tommy Lee Wallace performed scenes where Michael was required to break walls or objects; Since he has created many of the props used in the film, he knew the best way to destroy them. Finally, for Michael’s sudden fall from the bedroom terrace, James Winburn donned the mask to perform the maneuver.

Dick Warlock and Adam Gunn in ‘Halloween II’

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For Halloween II, Carpenter and Hill knew that due to the number of action sequences, a stunt actor would be the best choice for the role.. Dick Warlock, who also served as action coordinator on Escape from New York and as Kurt Russell’s personal trainer, was cast in the role. For the flashbacks, in which Michael Myers appears again when he was a child, they were in charge of Adam Gunn.

George Wilbur, Tom Morga and Erik Preston in ‘Halloween 4’

After the box office failure of Halloween III: The Day of the Witch and a long hiatus plagued with difficulties on how to resurrect Michael Myers, finally returned to terrify the public once again in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. George P. Wilbur and Tom Morga shared the role of Michael in the fourth Halloween movie.

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Morga, who happens to be the only actor to have played Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees (in Friday the 13th Part V) and Leatherface (in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2)it’s Michael in the opening ambulance sequence, in the gas station scene when he’s wrapped in gauze, in the dinner scene with Dr. Loomis, and in the pharmacy with Jamie Lloyd.

For his part, George P. Wilbur played adult Michael Myers for the rest of the film, stalking both Jamie and Rachel. In flashbacks showing Michael Myers as a child, he is played by the young Erik Preston.

Don Shanks in ‘Halloween 5’

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In Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Michael returns to hunt down Jamie Lloyd once more. In this movie, Michael Myers is played by Don Shanks, who was also known at the time for having participated in movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night. But he also brought to life the mysterious Man in Black who attacks the police station and breaks Michael out of his cell.

George Wilbur and A. Michael Lerner in ‘The Curse of Michael Myers’

The sixth installment in the franchise, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers sees George P. Wilbur return to the franchise as Michael Myers, playing The Shape for most of the film. However, dDue to the disapproval of the evidentiary hearing, Halloween 6 returned to production.

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Much of the film was reshot with A. Michael Lerner replacing George P. Wilbur like Michael because the studio wanted the villain to appear less bulky. This change resulted in the continuity error of a slimmer Michael Myers appearing in the last third of the film.

Chris Durand in ‘Halloween H20’

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Halloween H20 takes place twenty years after the original attacks on the Haddonfield teenagers, ignoring the events of Halloween 4, 5, and 6, and serving as a direct sequel to the first two films. Michael Myers is played by Chris Durand when he meets Laurie Strode and her son at a boarding school..

Brad Loree in ‘Halloween: Resurrection’

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Halloween: Resurrection follows Michael Myers as he finally kills Laurie Strode, then returns to Haddonfield to discover that his abandoned childhood home is being used for a horror show. Brad Loree exclusively plays Michael Myersalthough Busta Rhymes and cameraman Charlie, played by Brad Sihvon, wear a Michael mask at certain points in the film.

Tyler Mane, Daeg Faerch and Wright Vanek in the Rob Zombie versions

Halloween: the beginningthe reinvention of Rob Zombiebrought more human elements to Michael Myers, exploring his backstory and also increasing the psycho element. Because of this, he spends much more screen time with the boy Michael Myers, played by Daeg Faerch.

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For the monstrous adult, Tyler Mannealso known for playing Rufus in The Devil’s Rejectstook on the role. Mane, a retired professional wrestler, brought the size and strength to the role that Zombie wanted, while he had the acrobatic knowledge from his wrestling experience that allowed him to do anything Michael needed.

In Halloween II (2009), Tyler Mane reprized his role as the adult Michael Myers, chasing after Laurie Strode and killing many teenagers in his path, while the younger version of the killer was played by Chase Wright Vanek. Daeg Faerch had originally signed on to reprise his role as young Michael in this film, but was recast due to having grown a bit older since the first film.

James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle in the ‘H40’ trilogy

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In the Blumhouse revival of Halloween, which is made up of all three David Gordon Green films (Halloween, Halloween Kills and Halloween: The Final Night), Nick Castle reprized his role alongside actor and stuntman James Jude Courtney as support for. After the release of the first film it was revealed that most of the time it is Courtney who is behind the mask.

The actors who have been behind the mask of Michael Myers