The Best Movies of 2022 streaming on NOW: 5 titles not to be missed

Here are five films from 2022 that you should catch up on if you missed them, and that are worth watching again during the Holidays, available on Sky and streaming on NOW.

The end-of-year holiday period has always been synonymous with big cinema seen together by the whole family, both in the hall, where you can see the latest news, and in the comfort of your living room, thanks to streaming and platforms such as NOWwhich allow their subscribers to view and review at will i most important titles of the last months.
Sure to do you a welcome service, because starting to think and decide all together, full of pandoro and panettone and drunk with gifts, we thought we’d draw up a list of five movies which are available streaming on NOW and on Skyand which they represent the best, most compelling and most spectacular has been circulating on our screens throughout 2022 which we are about to say goodbye and archive.
Here are the films we have chosen for you:

  • Dunes
  • Ghostbusters: Legacy
  • A Winning Family – King Richard
  • Venom: The fury of carnage
  • Matrix Resurrections


Presented out of competition at the Venice Film Festival 2021, Dunes he was the real big event of that edition of the Venice Film Festival, and certainly not just because he played the protagonist Paul Atreides there is the beloved teen idol from all over the world Timothee Chalametjoined by an all-star cast ranging from Rebecca Ferguson to Josh Brolin passing through a thousand others. 400 million dollars worldwide and six Academy Awards are just external indications of the vision and ambition of a blockbuster to see and see again, to capture all its audacity and nuances. Waiting for the new chapter of the diptych announced by the director Denis Villeneuvewhich will complete his re-reading of the cult novel by Frank Herbert which he had already inspired David Lynchyou should hurry up to enjoy the pictures and story of Dunesbefore it disappeared from the price lists in January 2023 NOW.

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Ghostbusters: Legacy

“We redeemed, they redeemed”, said i Ghostbusters in the film which, in 1984, was the first to tell the deeds and which was a global success capable of a frightening impact on the pop culture of our times. And therefore, in the era of remakes, sequels and reboots, as they say in modern parlance, it is not surprising that i Ghostbusters – understood as characters, but also as universe, mythology, icons – are back on the screen. The operation was risky, but with Ghostbusters: Legacy Jason Reitman (it is no coincidence that the son of that Ivan who had directed the 1984 film) has succeeded in a small, great miracle: he has managed to update that story and those atmospheres (when not directly those characters) managing to grasp the purest essence of what it had been, and to put it in the hands of new heroes, including, not coincidentally, the Finn Wolfhard Of Stranger Things, a very direct link with the most contemporary tastes and aesthetics. Even more, he managed to pay homage to the past, even his familiar one, in a way that at the end of the film will bring a tear to even the toughest of viewers.

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A Winning Family – King Richard

Okay, we know, for Will Smith 2022 has been a difficult year, after the scandal of the slap given to Chris Rock for a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett, during the Night of the Oscars last March. And yet, precisely during that fateful evening, which the very popular American actor is still serving, Smith was awarded theOscar for best leading actor for A Winning Family – King Richardthe film that sees him in the role of Richard Williamsthe father of tennis legends Serene and Venus: the man who with his absolute dedication, a stubbornness bordering on obsession (indeed, beyond obsession) and an iron discipline imposed on her daughters, transformed two girls from Compton, one of the toughest and most infamous suburbs of Los Angeles, into queens of the fields of the most exclusive clubs in world tennis. From Wimbledon down.

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Venom: The fury of Carnage

THE cinecomic, we all know it well, are the most popular genre of our years. Films capable of arousing absolute and all-encompassing interest, and of collecting crazy figures by telling stories of superheroes with (or without) superproblems. Often mixing a little irony with pathos and an epic bordering on excessive. Then, however, there are films like Venom and even more like its sequel, Venom: The fury of Carnage. Which are cinecomics who have made up their minds to overturn the formula, and to tell their stories – those of the alien symbiote born as a villain of Spider-Man – using above all irony, self-irony and more or less black humour, letting epic and pathos play a secondary role. The operation was very successful and super-enjoyable, thanks above all to a very amusing (and very entertaining) Tom Hardy as the main character, joined here by Michelle Williams and from one Woody Harrelson perfect as the psychopathic villain.

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Matrix Resurrections

Directed in 1999 by Andy and Larry Wachowski, matrix it was a film that revolutionized the way of understanding science fiction and cyberpunk in cinema, of thinking and shooting action and combat scenes, of reflecting on the digital world that we were just tasting at the time. After two not exactly up to par sequels, coming within short distances of that first film, here comes the Neo Of Keanu Reeves and the Trinity Of Carrie-Ann Moss they returned to the screen. Larry is now called Lana, and he directed without Lana (formerly Andy), but his ability to leave the viewer speechless by mixing spectacular action, anthropological and philosophical reflection, very pure feelings and very advanced technology has not changed a millimeter. Matrix Resurrections it is a feast for the eyes, a puzzle for the mind but, above all, it is a film that under special effects, bullet time, philosophy, digital technology, kung fu, shootings and chases, tells a love story intense and wonderful. And touching too.

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The Best Movies of 2022 streaming on NOW: 5 titles not to be missed