The ending of House of the Dragon was no accident.

House of the Dragon portrays an important moment very differently from its source material, but Ryan Condal says that playing with dragons is a dangerous thing

The showrunner of ‘The house of the dragon’Ryan Condal, has explained why they decided to present Aemond Targaryen causing the death of his cousin, Lucerys Velaryon, as something unintentional, which is a big change from the source material.

In statements to VarietyCondal talks about the main differences between the end of the first season of the series and the book on which it is based, ‘Fire and Blood’. When asked why Aemond seemed to accidentally cause Lucerys’s death in the series, while in the book it appears to be intentional, the showrunner explained that the historians of Westeros may not have accurately reported the aerial dragon battle that took place. on Storm’s End. As we have seen in the last episode of the first season.

However, in ‘Fire and Blood’, by George RR Martin, published in Spain by Fastascythere are narrators who might not be entirely reliable. I don’t think any of them could claim to know what was going through Aemond’s head.County said.

The novel in question is written like a history book, made from sometimes contradictory accounts of masters who have, as Condal sadly points out, their own agendas This allows the series to play with the intention or not of what happens at the end of episode ten.

Which, in turn, allows viewers to judge for themselves the intentions of an Aemond, who causes debate among fans for being a psychopath or a victim of his own surnames.

The House of the Dragon - Death - Arrax

While Aemond seemed convulsed when his dragon, Vhaegar, rips apart Lucerys and the much smaller dragon Arrax, Condal wouldn’t necessarily call it an accident:

“I mean Aemond got on his giant dragon and chased his nephew on his much smaller dragon through the clouds screaming and screaming at him, incensing his dragon and starting a fight.”

Although the showrunner admitted that Aemond probably had no intention of his nephew dying, he still made a “horrible and dangerous thing”.

A Dance with Dragons in the second season

The House of the Dragon - Death - Arrax

Condal added that Aemond’s dangerous behavior is the point of the entire story.

“This is a war of many cuts leading to a very, very bloody wound,” he said of the impending Dance of Dragons.

Condal has promised that the second season, which will take the kingdom beyond a civil war, will feature more spectacular moments like Aemond and Lucerys’ battle in the first season finale..

“The second series will reach the rhythms that people expected from the middle of Game of Thrones, but it will have been won, and the viewers will feel the tragedies because we have tried”

The House of the Dragon - Death - Arrax

In addition to much more spectacle, Condal also promised that the second season will not feature any more major time jumps.

“We will tell the story in real time from here on out. The actors play these characters to the end. We’re not going to change anyone.”, said. Jumps in time, which made it necessary to change actors, took place several times throughout the first season of the series.

Although fans of the series have expressed that they miss seeing actors like Milly Alcock like a young girl Rhaenyra Targaryens on their screens, Condal believes that they need to properly show the evolution of these characters so that the coming war is that much more harrowing.

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The ending of House of the Dragon was no accident.