The Gray Man: 5 differences between the book and the Netflix movie

New action movie from the Russo Brothers, The Gray Man arrives on Netflix this Friday, July 22. The opportunity to take an interest in the eponymous book by Mark Greaney which gave birth to the feature film worn by Ryan Gosling. Here are five differences between the novel and its film adaptation.

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the book and the film. The Gray Man !

Court Gentry does not murder Agent Sierra

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At the start of the film, Court Gentry is tasked with murdering a man in a club on orders from his superiors. And if the mission does not go as planned, the character camped by Ryan Gosling ends up finishing the job by finishing off his target. He then discovers that the latter was an agent from the same program as him and understands that his boss, Denny Carmichael, simply wants to clean up by getting rid of the entire unit. In the novel, this plot does not exist. Court Gentry has actually just honored a mission in Syria, where he was responsible for eliminating the Minister of Energy of Niger. The brother of the latter desiring his head, Lloyd then pursues him through the whole world.

Denny Carmichael does not exist in the novel


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In Mark Greaney’s work, Denny Carmichael does not appear anywhere. This ruthless bureaucrat was created for the needs of the film and actually takes over part of Lloyd’s character. Dangerous psychopath with a mustache in the film, the latter is more like the fine bespectacled tactician in the book. It is he who oversees the operation to eliminate Court Gentry from the start and will never get his hands dirty on the ground. He thus directs the commandos by telephone, but does not move to follow in the footsteps of the formidable Gray Man across Europe. Just like in the feature film, he also takes care of the kidnapping of Fitzroy and his family, whom he sequesters in a luxurious castle. The character embodied by Regé-Jean Page for Netflix is ​​therefore inspired by the literary version of Lloyd, whose raw and violent part comes here to Chris Evans.

Fitzroy’s family is very different in the book


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If in the Netflix film, Fitzroy is ready to do anything to protect his niece, the story is not at all the same in the novel. Thus, in Mark Greaney’s book, Claire is the daughter of Fitzroy’s son and has a twin sister, Kate. Both are kidnapped with their parents, who therefore find themselves together in the castle in which Lloyd keeps them. Clever and very intelligent for her age, the young Claire decides to try to escape to go and warn the police, but she is finally spotted by the guards. Wanting to protect her, her father rushes in pursuit and is shot in the head. It is therefore a grieving family that Court Gentry finds on arriving at the castle and not a teenager suffering from serious heart problems, as in the feature film.

Part of the story of The Gray Man takes place in France


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While the Russo brothers’ film explores a large part of Europe without ever stopping in France, the book takes place mainly in France. The castle the Fitzroy family is in is in Normandy, not Croatia, so Court Gentry does everything in his power to get there. He thus passes through Paris, where he almost gets assassinated by a Korean hitman and other commandos sent by Lloyd and continues on his way to the famous residence in the northwest of the country. Besides, almost all of the geography of the book has been changed during its Netflix adaptation, starting with Fitzroy who is supposed to be English and live in London.

Dani Miranda was invented for the film


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Like Regé-Jean Page, Ana de Armas portrays a character invented solely for the Netflix film. In the novel, Court Gentry always works solo and does not perform any operations in the presence of Agent Dani Miranda. Moreover, the only female help from which the Gray Man benefits is that of Justice, a veterinary assistant whom he meets in Paris. Seriously injured after a stabbing, Court visits a clinic in Fitzroy’s network for help. It is there that he meets Justice, who struggles to heal his wound and allow him to go to Normandy. The young woman even goes so far as to make the journey with him in order to treat him while he is driving. A benevolent and very courageous person, who does not hesitate for a second to put herself in danger to save the life of a mysterious stranger, for whom she quickly takes a liking.

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The Gray Man: 5 differences between the book and the Netflix movie