The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling: what is Netflix’s most expensive film worth?

A budget of $200 million is a lot. But is that enough to make Netflix’s blockbuster compelling?

Sunday night. Since Friday, you see that The Gray Man prances in the Netflix Top of the most watched programs in France.

You even end up wondering if the movie worth that you him spend 2 hours and 8 minutes of your time. For help you decidewe deliver to you our spoiler-free review !

The ingredients of success

To prepare the blockbuster capable of launching a saga at the height of james bond Where Jason BourneNetflix has put painstaking care into the choice of its ingredients. Remembering to start, of course, with what the platform considers its little magic ingredient : a budget 9 digits.

Then comes the implementation stage. behind the very many cameras The Gray Man we find Anthony and Joe Russo to whom we owe in particular Avengers: Endgame. As a reminder, this last film has almost reached the 3 billion dollars of recipe, becoming the most viewed and highest-grossing film in history the cinema. (For the record, Avatar reclaimed the top spot in March 2021 when released in China.) Suffice to say the Russo Brothers are accustomed to large-scale projects.

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The other major component of The Gray Manit is its five-star cast. Five stars, literally since the film brings together Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Alfred Woodard and finally, Regé-Jean Page. We end with a screenplay adapted from a successful saga, consisting of ten novels by Mark Greaney. And we bake.

A recipe that works!…

You now know the recipe for The Gray Man. In this you know what constitutes its greatest quality…as well as its greatest weakness.

Quality, because the film is formidably effective and keeps its promises end to end. Action Sequences follow one another at regular intervals in a rhythm that borders on fury. Mounting less useful for telling a story what to prevent the viewer from blinking under penalty of miss the collapse of a historic monument and the death of twenty-four extras.

During two intense hourswe attend an escalation of stunts, special effects, ever more extreme staging ideas. Some sequences will probably even succeed in you unhook the jaw so much they are boldalmost cheeky with implausibilitybut enjoyable. The objective of The Gray Manis to blow up everything that can be (and even what can’t).

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…But still a recipe

However, the negative side of a film kitchen from a recipe…it is precisely that we know in advance what will come out of it.

Everybody plays very wellthe script is absolutely inconsistent but holds the road, special effects are successful. OnlyThe Gray Man is so millimeter, choreographed, calibrated to be a commercial bomb that it follows a lack of depth, charm and surprise.

This absence of spontaneity is also experienced in a gallery of characters who do their job, but that we have all seen beforeof the sick little girl who must be saved (Julia Butters) through the spy whose only characteristic is to be the female version of her male counterpart (Ana de Armas).

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The biggest disappointment is Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen true psychopath stereotype according to blockbusters Americans. Instead of proposing a figure really disturbing and striking, the latter appears as a pure pretext to explode even more stuff. The fault in particular of character dialogues, which are intended to be memorable, but which often suck.

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Finally, the greatest asset of The Gray Manperhaps this is… Ryan Gosling. It is clear that the actor enjoys the extraordinary aura of the driver he embodied in Drive. Admittedly, these two characters are very different. But Gosling brings a bit of mystery forged in Nicolas Winding Refn’s film and whose The Gray Man sorely lacking. Thanks to this aura, he makes this CIA agent more interesting that if he had been embodied by another actor, handsome but interchangeable.

Ultimately, The Gray Man succeeds in entertaining from beginning to end. It even happens to him to impress with its special effects and some stunt ideas. If that’s what you’re looking for on your Sunday night, go for it. On the other hand, to want too much to compete Jason Bourne and james bond while biting a little Drive, he struggles to forge his own identity.

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The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling: what is Netflix’s most expensive film worth?