The macabre case of Gretta, the model who disappeared and was found in a suitcase: “Putin is a psychopath”

Gretta Vedler she had disappeared over a year. In nothing. Before she disappeared, the 23-year-old she had defined the Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “psychopath” or one of those people for whom “it is important to constantly experience a sense of fullness and acuteness of life, so they love risk, intense experiences, intense communication, intense activity, an intense and dynamic life “- the invasion ofUkraine announced as a “special operation” of “demilitarization” and “denazification” was still a long way off, certainly reading those words today is still grotesque.

It was found on March 15th. Now a corpse, in a suitcase. According to what was reported and made known by the Russian Investigative Committee, she was strangled. Accused of the crime on her ex boyfriend also 23 years old Dmitry Korovin. The Committee released a video in which Korovin confesses to the murder: he admitted killing the young woman after a dispute over money. Macabre details from the boy’s tale: the self-confessed offender reconstructed the murder and said he slept for three nights in a tree room with his ex-partner’s body tucked into a suitcase. To give the impression that she was still alive and active, the man continued to upload images and posts to the model’s social profiles.

After, as he reconstructed the Daily Mail, carried the body 400 kilometers and then dumped it in the trunk of a car in Lipetsk. To find out all the Ukrainian blogger from Kharkiv (city under attack by the Russians in recent days) Eugeniy Foster, a friend of Vedler, who informed another friend in Moscow urging to file a missing person report. After the missing person was reported, the searches that led to the discovery of the body began. Investigators say the crime is unrelated to the model’s utterances about Putin. Before disappearing into thin air, in addition to those strong statements about the Kremlin owner, Vedler had always added on social media and in the post that Putin’s drive to “improve the integrity of Russia” would have ended in tears. She brought it back

His posts against Putin were very harsh. “Considering that Putin suffered a lot of humiliation in childhood, and that he could not defend himself due to his frail physique, it is not surprising that he dropped out of law school and joined the KGB. – he said speaking of the Kremlin leader’s childhood in Leningrad – These people are shy and fearful from childhood, they are afraid of noise and darkness, of strangers, therefore they treat everyone with caution and develop moderation and lack of communication from the very beginning. ‘Start. I assume that one sees a clear psychopathy or sociopathy in him ”.

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The macabre case of Gretta, the model who disappeared and was found in a suitcase: “Putin is a psychopath”