The North Water tv series: release and streaming

When does The North Water come out in Italy? From 7 December on TimVision

Starting from December 7 exclusively on TimVision the first streaming season of The North Water, BBC TV series distributed every Tuesday on the Tim platform with a new episode unpublished.

Based on the novel “The waters of the Northwritten by Ian McGuire, and published in Italy by Einaudi, the British miniseries in five episodes is adapted and directed by Andrew Haighand interpreted by a cast of exception with the presence of Colin Farrell And Jack O’Connell.

They are the absolute protagonists of the drama TV series which premiered last July 15, 2021 in the United States on AMC +and from 10 September of the same year also in the UK on BBC Two.

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Read on to find out the storyline of The North Water TV series, also available in Italy from 7 December 2021, every Tuesdayexclusively on TimVision.

The North Water storyline and previews

At the center of the miniseries we follow the events of Patrick Sumner (O’Connell), a disgraced former army surgeon determined to join a whaling expedition to the Arctic as a ship’s physician. But it is along the journey that Patrick makes the acquaintance of a sui generis passenger, that is Henry Drax (Farrell), homicidal psychopath. We are located in Hullin the ice floes of the Arctic at the end of 1850.

The North Water bets, how many are there

Colin Farrell (Henry Rax) in a scene from “The North Water” Credits Timvision

How many bets does the first season from The North Water? In everything I am five bets of the miniseries adapted from the novel of the same name Ian McGuire. The series directed by Andrew Haigh begins production at the end of 2016, having to stop during 2020 due to the complications dictated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The series was shot in the pack ice of the 81st parallel, the northernmost point where the filming of a drama series has ever taken place.

Executive producers are Jamie Laurenson, Hakan Kousetta, Iain Canning and Emile Sherman for See-Saw Films, Niv Fichman for Rhombus Media and Jo McClellan for the BBC. ‘The North Water’ is a co-production with Rhombus Media, with Pioneer Stillking.

The North Water cast, actors and characters

Who we find in the stellar cast of The North Water? Next to names like Colin Farrell as Henry Drax, e Jack O’Connell in those of Patrick Sumner, we also find Stephen Graham as Captain Arthur Brownlee, Tom Courtenay in that of Baxter e Sam Spruell in the role of Michael Cavendish.

Completing the main cast: Peter Mullan in the role of the priest, Roland Møller as Otto, Kieran Urquhart in those of Jones, Philip Hill-Pearson in the part of McKendrick, Nive Nielsen in Anna’s, Jonathan Aris in the role of Corbyn, Lee Knight in the part of Stevens, Gary Lamont in the role of Webster, ed Eliza Butterworth And Mark Rowley in the respective roles of Hester and Bain.

The North Water trailer

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Here is a first look at the TV series The North Water with the official trailer released by Tim on August 25, 2021. You can find it at the opening of the article.

The North Water in streaming, where to see it

How to watch streaming episodes of The North Water? As this is a TimVision exclusive, starting in December 7, 2021 you can find it available with a new episode in exclusive streaming on the Tim platform.

The North Water tv series: release and streaming