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Christian bale He is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood, but he achieved this position after spending years proving his talents in front of the cameras. His commitment to each role of his was clear from when he was a child, but it was in his youth that he began to find his own recipe for success. titles like American Psycho – 67% Y The Machinist They served to let the industry know more about his way of working and the extremes to which he is willing to go when he firmly believes in a role. Although the interpreter has made a certain reputation for his commitment, it seems that in The crimes of the academy – 60% he left out the famous method acting.

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A few years ago part of the filming of Terminator – Salvation – 33% where Christian bale he was screaming because his scene had been interrupted. Although the actor was already known for his humor, his dedication and his concentration, from this event on his acting method was a constant topic of conversation. The passage of him through the Batman trilogy of Christopher Nolan It served to show that he would push his body to the limit to do justice to such a character. After this experience, Bale himself revealed that he needed a specialist so as not to put his health at risk due to these drastic changes.

Bale’s ways have landed him big roles, but he’s also been criticized for his attitude on film sets. Names like Marlon Brando, Daniel Day-Lewis, robert deniro Y Jack Nicholson They are praised for their work, but under new perspectives what they do to fulfill a job is analyzed a lot. In addition to putting their health at risk, many of them have emotionally and physically hurt their colleagues, which is not okay under any circumstances.

Method acting consists of working on the character as if it were the actor himself. This position implies taking those meeting points between the role and the actor who gives it life to extremes. Other teachers focus on exploiting these similarities to better understand the role, but method acting requires a complete transformation to become the character as such. This means that you have to live, talk and think like the character at all times, which doesn’t always work well on a set where the rest of the actors don’t follow that premise.

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Although crossing the limits a bit can be interesting to get to know the character and achieve a better interpretation, going that far is not very adequate. Actors like Sebastian Stan, david harbor, Will Poulter, Mads Mikkelsen Y eva green They are just a few who have spoken out against this system, considering that acting is a job for which peace of mind and general health should not be sacrificed. In case of Christian bale It’s peculiar, because he didn’t really study to be an actor. As he started his career very young, by the time he was accepted to various theater and film schools, he preferred to continue working, so his style has developed more instinctively, and he could be changing his routine to certain movies.

In interview with The Independent (via indiewire), Harry Mellingwho gives life to Edgar Allan Poe in The Academy Crimesassured that Christian bale he did not use his famous method this time:

My experience working on this was that we would come in, we wouldn’t really talk about the scene, and we would start acting it out. There was nothing about staying in character, but I guess you’re always in some kind of character just because you’re wearing the clothes and you’re in that environment as that person.

Melling says he doesn’t quite understand what method acting means himself, so he didn’t notice anything strange about Bale during filming:

I think method acting sometimes gets a label that doesn’t help much. [Christian Bale] He is one of the most generous interpreters I have ever worked with.

Christian bale appeared a few months ago Thor: Love and Thunder – 76% and while he poured the same passion as ever into his work as Gorr the God Butcher, the film overall didn’t leave much room for him. In an old interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he assures that he never gets involved in the same way with a role, because everyone has different demands, and he always feels insecure because he did not go to acting school. It is possible that Bale understands better now that certain projects require a stricter commitment than others, and in no way does that take away from the great talent that he has shown all these years.

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The Pale Blue Eye: Harry Melling says Christian Bale left out method acting for the film | tomatoes