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Combining the tension and suspense of the best thrillers with the reflective atmosphere of a good drama, The patient – 83%the latest production from the creators of The Americans, Joel Fields Y joseph weisberg , exploits the potential of its low-key setting to deliver an absorbing psychological game between patient and therapist that explores the limits of empathy, trauma, and whether human beings truly have the capacity to change. The miniseries, released earlier in North America, debuted to a considerable number of positive reviews that ranked it as one of the big surprises of this year thanks to the intense chemistry of its two leads, their willingness to subvert the clichés of the genre and tell a even bolder story than its premise would indicate.

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In The patientnow available in Star+, we follow the story of Alan Strauss, a therapist imprisoned by a patient who is revealed to be a serial killer. Sam has an unusual therapeutic demand for Alan: to curb his homicidal urges. To survive, Alan must relax Sam’s deranged mind and stop him from killing again…but Sam refuses to broach critical issues. In the cast we can find Steve Carell, alan strauss, Domhnall Gleeson, sam fortner, laura niemi, beth strauss, andrew leedsamong others.

Below, we will tell you in detail what things are being said about this claustrophobic production and why, despite some details to refine at its center, its 10 half-hour episodes are ideal for a marathon full of tension.

According to the reviews, The patient it’s a show that uses its short format to great effect, keeping the tension in an agonizingly sharp spiral while exploring its murderous premise with the help of a couple of powerful performances. For journalists, the series has a concept that at first glance might seem implausible, but its execution with the greatest seriousness, honesty, and efficiency possible makes this a story in which the viewer’s emotional commitment is maintained from beginning to end. Mind you, after a fairly solid start, the production is said to start to lose momentum in the middle, going around in circles making you get what you’re trying to say. On the other hand, the comments applaud that the miniseries does not settle for being another creepy thriller about a high-profile psychopath that abounds on streaming platforms, choosing to go deeper than that in order to ask some poignant questions about the empathy of women. that we can all learn.

The critics make it clear that the strong performances of its two leads end up being the pillar on which everything stands, with Carell delivering arguably the most complex and compelling dramatic performance of his career, perfectly complementing the show’s sharp writing/directing. For her part, Gleeson is described as pleasantly creepy, being a perfect chaotic complement to Carell: Both actors share a compelling chemistry that proves that two characters locked in a room together can continue to find exciting new ways to interact. But even though its heart is in the right place, especially as a text that believes in therapy and empathy, it is said that throughout its 10 chapters, The patient it shows many interesting ideas that only skim the surface, sometimes feeling like a scattered exploration of its themes.

Finally, with a representation of the therapy process in a black mirror, The patient – 83% is an addictive, powerful and carefully acted psychological thriller Steve Carell Y Domhnall Gleesonwhose deep reflection on themes like guilt, remorse, and redemption set him apart in an overly crowded genre.

Here is a compilation of critiques and reviews of The patient – 83%:

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mike hale from The New York Times:

“The Patient” is more distinctive and complex than its synopsis suggests, and is often highly entertaining in its modulated, guarded manner (…) its heart lies in its portrayal of the therapy process in a black mirror, to which Fields and Weisberg bring obvious affection and corrosive wit.

Matt Fowler from IGN:

It has a premise that might cause you to roll your eyes, and instead delivers something solid, threatening, and meaningful. Steve Carrell and Domhnall Gleeson have terrific chemistry as two people in a seemingly impossible scenario, and the show itself almost challenges us to figure out what the end result might be.

Linda Holmes from npr:

The Patient is thoughtful and moving in the way of a very good drama, while being tense and suspenseful like the best thrillers.

Brian Lowry from CNN:

“The Patient” starts off pretty well before losing momentum in the middle, picking it up amid twists and turns that carry through to the very end. It’s not quite solid enough to sustain its 10 episodes, but the miniseries ultimately works as a serious showcase for Steve Carell and a pleasantly creepy Domhnall Gleeson.

Nick Allen from

“The Patient” is the kind of long-running series that prevails more for its sentimentality than its dramatic execution, in part because the former is more precious than the latter. Her heart is in the right place, especially as a text that believes in therapy and empathy. But his mind goes round in circles to get you what he’s trying to say.

ross mcindoe from Slant Magazine:

With its morbidly intriguing premise and two powerful actors at its center, The Patient would have been great even if it was just another creepy thriller about a high-profile psychopath. But he chooses to dig deeper than that, asking some poignant questions about empathy that we can all learn from.

alan sepinwall from rolling stones:

It is an idea that might seem ridiculous, but one that is developed with the greatest possible seriousness, honesty and efficiency. Is fantastic.

Dave Nemetz from TV line:

…uses the half-hour format to great effect, keeping the spiraling tension agonizingly sharp while exploring its killer premise, aided by a couple of powerful performances.

valerie ettenhofer from Film School Rejects:

The Patient succeeds not only on the strength of its two considerably talented leads, but also on their willingness to subvert genre clichés and tell an even bolder story than its premise would indicate.

Richard Roper from Chicago Sun Times:

In “The Patient,” Carell delivers arguably the widest and most effective dramatic performance of his career in a claustrophobically intense, psychology-laden story from the creators of “The Americans.”

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