“The Quarry”, cold sweats full the controller

Do you know what a “slasher” is? It’s a subgenre of the horror film that consists of putting on one side a group of carefree young people, and on the other a mysterious psychopathic serial killer more or less invincible, the idea being to wait that the number of the first gradually decreases until the elimination of the second. A genre that had its heyday in theaters in the 70s and 80swith mythical titles like “Halloween”, “Friday the 13th”, or “Les Claws de la Nuit”.

The slasher also had a second life in 1996 with “Scream” by

Wes Craven, which spawned a new string of more or less inspired films, again before the public got tired of it and moved on. All the public? No. And among those for whom the slasher is not dead, there are the members of the British studio

Supermassive Games.

1h 25

In 2015 they released

“Until Dawn” on PlayStation 4, a very successful interactive slasher: impeccable production, respect for the codes of the genre, casting from the cinema… And it’s a big surprise hit, one of the top ten best-selling games of that year. Since then, they have only done that: apply this recipe that works in the series of horrific games

“The Dark Pictures Anthology”whose fourth episode arrives in two weeks… But also in “The Quarry”released last June, which we will focus on this morning.

One Camp, Youth, One Killer, Full of Possibilities

Everything revolves around a holiday camp, “Hackett’s Quarry”, lost in the depths of an American forest. Laura and her boyfriend Max, both counsellors, head for camp in the middle of the night, just to arrive a day early. Suddenly, something appears on the road and crashes their car into a tree. The two youngsters are stuck in the middle of the woods, begin to witness fleeting apparitionsuntil the arrival of Travis, the local sheriff who strongly advises them to give up their trip and join the nearest motel.

Once back on the right path, Laura and Max decide to disobey and go to camp anyway. And they are unlucky: on the spot, no one answers their calls. Laura, who thinks she heard moans coming from the basement, forces the door and tries to find the origin of these noises. This is where a creature brutally attacks Max. Laura, she is forced to sleep by Travis, syringe and gun in hand.

Two months later, at Hackett’s Quarry, the monitors say goodbye to the children leaving by bus. The holidays are over, but they will have to spend one last night in the camp… And it’s not going to be easy.

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We tick all the boxes of the (film of) genre

And it works perfectly well. I already had the willies from the prologue and it didn’t get better after, thank you. I have to say that Supermassive Games begins to master its subject perfectly : the atmosphere is sticky to perfection and the actors are excellent, in original version and in French. Special mention to the old medium which speaks directly to the player in a cheerfully awkward way.

The video game aspect is here reduced to what is strictly necessary: ​​choose from time to time a line of dialogue which will or will not change the relationship between the characters, or decide to carry out such and such an action (or to do nothing, which could save the day once or twice). And if you’d rather have popcorn than a controller in your hands, the game even offers a cinema mode, where you determine each character’s personality before watching the story unfold before you with preset choices. Perfect for a late Halloween night!


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“The Quarry”, cold sweats full the controller