The series ‘Sky Rojo’, from Netflix, explodes in its third and final season

We went to the Rosewood Hotel in Madrid’s Castellana to talk to the actors from the third season of ‘Sky Rojo’ and one of its producers. The expectation is high because the groundbreaking Netflix series closed the second season in style. Their protagonists, Coral, Wendy and Gina fled after robbing Romeo, their pimp, of four million euros and took the reins of a new life away from the club. But they left a good chunk of health along the way, physical and psychological, so they’re still sort of bits of themselves trying to pull themselves together.

I saw that they were going to gouge out one of my eyes, I freaked out, picked up the phone and said, excuse me?

If not, tell Verónica Sánchez: “When I read the script for the end of the second season and saw that they were going to gouge out my eye, I hallucinated, picked up the phone and said, excuse me?” The showrunner Esther Martinez Lobato laughs when she hears her speak in the interview and adds that it was quite a drama. Esther was not referring to the fact itself, which is obvious, but to the difficulties that the loss of the eyeball represented for filming. “We had to put a nipple shield inside the patch for Verónica so that he could maintain his facial expression and open his eyes during the filming of his scenes. We also studied whether covering the eye could be harmful.”

characters of the third


Romeo, the pimp, the father of everything, the great precursor of an unfair and cruel micro world in which everyone is his puppets, is still broken and more dangerous than ever. His interpreter, Asier Etxeandia, makes it clear: “everything you can imagine for this third season, well, more. Imagine that you take the devil, leave him paralyzed, cut off his penis, steal his money, Romeo’s self-esteem is in tatters, he’s been humiliated“. We already knew this but the most curious thing is that this character, although he is deranged and twisted, he suffers, he is weak and he reaches the third season knowing that he is not unbeatable. Although he has spun fine, Moses could discover his lies and that could be the end of him.

Asier Etxeandia is Romeo in 'Sky Rojo'


And it is that “Moisés has been lied to a lot and has been lied to a lot”, as Miguel Ángel Silvestre says. If the lies that govern his life are dismantled, Moses could swerve and change course radically. “He has a problem with morality, since the first season, he plays the beast but then he has to save the fish and rescue a dog to feel good.” What the actor tells is the crack in his character, what makes him different from other hitmen.

When I realized that my character was going to shoot Coral in the head, I freaked out.

The funny thing is that Moisés is a guy of extremes and, situated at his most ruthless, he could be capable of anything. “When I realized that my character was going to shoot Coral in the head, I hallucinated. There was a scene in which, when I go to recover the money that had been stolen from us, I asked the writers to leave 50 euros there to indicate that I didn’t want to kill her, I wanted to leave Coral a safe-conduct, but they didn’t grant it to me, the scripts are very elaborate, round, but I had to try”.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre is Moses


In this extreme battle for positioning in their own psyches, a new character appears, played by Tiago Correa, named Darwin and he will end up blowing everything up. Darwin has no scruples, nor does he suffer like Romeo, nor does he have moral dilemmas like Moses, as Correa says, “he just wants to get the job done and move on to the next one.” But, more than a professional, he is a psychopath, because he enjoys death and is willing to inflict as much pain as possible on his victims. In addition, as the plot progresses, he discovers one candy after another because he finds a hole in the weaknesses of others to expand his perversion. Especially with Moses, whom he will try to unbalance for fun by relying on his obvious contradictions.

Tiago Correa is Darwin in 'Red Sky'


In order not to spoil, we will only say that Gina’s mother, Yani Prado, has no limit. As she herself says: “it is incredible and sad that in some countries this happens, due to a social situation, education and even religion, atrocities can be committed.” The truth is that she is sweet, to limits that have reached, according to her own admission, to infect Yani in her real life. But this season Horrible things will happen to Gina that will splash her friends. Perhaps this photo of the actress’s social networks will help you to get an idea.


For her part, Coral is still high on drugs. “She has come to them because of her other problems, but they have become the main one.” She says Verónica Sánchez, who assures that Coral suffers so intensely that she can’t stand being sober. In this third season, she will arrive more haunted by her past than anyone else and, although she tries to make it seem like she has a plan, she is the one who is most lost.

Verónica Sánchez is Coral in 'Sky Rojo'


To talk about Wendy you have to listen to Lali Esposito. After having prostituted himself for her lover who abandoned her, Wendy will know love again and allow light into her life.. “She, next to a junkie and an overly sensitive chick, is the one with the street and it’s great to see her relax.” She does it in the oasis that is the beginning of this third season, but things will soon go wrong.

Lali Esposito and Catalina Sopelana in 'Sky Rojo'


His love is called Greta, and her interpreter, Catalina Sopelana, has said that she feels incredible working side by side with Lali, “there is, I think, a special chemistry between our characters.” Greta is sweet, she doesn’t know where she’s going but, once inside her, she’ll go all the way.

The series ‘Sky Rojo’, from Netflix, explodes in its third and final season