The sovereign group in the EU discharges the Putinian de Graaff. The move of the Northern League player Zanni

Identity and Democracy has initiated the expulsion procedure for the Dutch MEP who is a member of the Forum for Democracy. His statements in favor of the Kremlin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine were creating unnecessary embarrassment

Marco ZanniMEP of the League and president of the Identity and Democracy group, has decided: the Dutch Marcel de Graaff, exponent of the Forum for Democracy, must be expelled from the group. The procedure was launched today and will be completed at the beginning of November. Meanwhile, de Graaff has been suspended. This was reported by sources from group a

At the opening of the plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Zanni spoke on behalf of the group using clear words: “We must continue to guarantee our support to ensure that this war ends as soon as possible and ends with a winning Ukraine”. The Russian invasion is a “criminal” and “unjustified” act.

De Graaff, on the other hand, was creating unnecessary embarrassment for many of his positions, starting with those in favor of Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The most recent on Twitter: “The LGBTQI movement has the ultimate goal of normalizing pedophilia, the rape of minors“; “It seems that NATO is planning a first nuclear attack, as it becomes clear that it will lose the conflict in Ukraine”, referring to the Stedfast Noon exercise – which is routine and does not involve the use of real weapons – of the Atlantic Alliance and explaining that “Russia must lose for them to realize the New World Order” and two hashtags very popular among conspiracy theorists such as #WEF and # Agenda2030.

The leader of Forum for Democracy is Thierry Baudet. In a video recently gone viral he can be seen and heard claiming that “we are governed by a global plot of evil reptiles”, that “the only global actor who is opposing is Vladimir Putin”. Declaring himself a “fan” of the Russian leader, Baudet defines him as a “dark knight”, “the hero we need” against American imperialism. Putin “must win and we must do everything possible to support him,” he adds.

In a subsequent tweet Baudet explained that “of course it was a metaphor. I was talking about a behind-the-scenes conspiracy of globalists, secret services, psychopaths – which is making democracy and freedom disappear. Those who do this to us are a kind of inhuman, reptile, machine, insane in short ”.

At the beginning of the year, de Graaff, the only MEP from the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders, had decided to change party and join the Forum for Democracy. He no longer wanted to be a member “of a party that pushes people to get vaccinated” and the formation of Baudet – convicted of comparing Dutch policies on Covid-19 to the Holocaust – was the only one who publicly resisted the “threats” to the ” health, freedom and democracy “, he explained on Twitter. While Wilders’ party is a member of the Identity and Democracy group (which also includes the Rassemblement national di Marine Le Pen and Alternative für Deutschland), the doors for affiliation have never been opened to that of Baudet.

As the reporter said David Carretta of Radio RadicaleBaudet’s Forum for Democracy is no longer mentioned on the website among the members of the Party of European Conservatives and Reformists chaired by Giorgia Meloni. “It was there until last week. And you still see the presence of a Dutch party on the map, ”she wrote. “Even if it deserved less discretion, it would be a positive decision on Meloni’s part given Baudet’s positions on Russia’s war against Ukraine,” he added.

The sovereign group in the EU discharges the Putinian de Graaff. The move of the Northern League player Zanni –