The story of Daniella Perez, the actress killed by her co

Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perezavailable on HBO Max, is a return to the past from a more critical perspective through an exhaustive investigation whose sole mission is to clarify the case that shook Brazil 30 years ago.

Mexico City, August 3 (However).– At the beginning of the 90s, Thalía achieved great fame for her “Trilogy of the Marías” on television in Mexico, thus earning the affection of everyone in public; in Brazil, she was the actress and dancer Daniella Perez who stole the hearts of viewers for her leading roles in soap operas, a success that was abruptly turned off just when she was experiencing the peak of her nascent career, as she was brutally murdered by her co-star, Guilherme of Padua.

Daughter of the Brazilian author and producer Gloria Perez, Daniella Perez lived a dream: she had a happy marriage with the actor Raúl Gazolla, her economic situation began to change thanks to her income from her work and being the actress “of the moment” with only 22 year old. Her young face became one of her best known, but on December 28, 1992, her light went out when she was murdered by Guilherme de Pádua and her wife, Paula Thomaz, in a cruelly murderous crime. premeditated.

30 years after his death, hbo max relive this case that shook Brazil for years in the documentary series Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perezdirected by Tatiana Issa and Guto Barrawho also wrote the script.

“The murder of Daniella Pérez was one of the most brutal and infamous cases in Brazil. The entire country stopped in shock. It turns out that I was very close to everything, she worked with her husband at the time, and I went to her funeral that horrible night. But furthermore, that story is a very important story that must be told, finally, as it really happened, based on the real facts and not on all the lies and multiple versions that were perpetuated by all those who surrounded this case, because of the approach sensationalist of the media of the time, etc. It is very important and necessary to tell that story to the new generations and to question so many things that have been done wrong over these 30 years”, points out Tatiana Issa in an interview with Nevertheless From Brazil.

Daniella Perez was cruelly stabbed on the night of December 28, the same day that the scene ending her character’s romance with Guilherme’s was recorded on the set. The actor knew that his time in front of the screen would decrease with it, so he looked for Daniella to ask her to intercede for him so that her character would not be removed from the story.

That night of New Year’s Eve, Daniella was intercepted on the road by Guilherme and his wife, they beat her and ended her life with a knife that was embedded multiple times in her heart. Her body was left lying in the weeds on an abandoned road.


Before the family could immerse themselves in their pain, the news that Daniella’s murderer had been her co-star quickly flooded all the media, which without certainty filled their front pages and television with false assumptions that fueled morbidity and misinformation.

Now this documentary seeks to put an end to all the speculation surrounding the case through unpublished records, details of the investigations and the trial of this homicide case.

“When we began to immerse ourselves in the materials, it was clear that we wanted to pursue a few goals: to clarify the false narrative that Daniella had been romantically involved with Guilherme, to highlight the important role that Gloria Pérez played in the investigation, and to shed light on how the coverage media influenced people’s perception of the case. Our idea was to follow the details of the judicial process against the couple who ended up being convicted of the crime, eliminating all the ‘noise’ created by the strategy of the defense and the media over the years. We never intended to ‘reopen’ the case or dispute the crystal clear verdict in any way. The amount of evidence and witnesses present in the case leave no doubt about the verdict. However, by the time the trial was over, it seemed that the details of the case were ‘old news’. For this reason, we want people to finally understand the circumstances of the case through the open legal case against Guilherme and Paula”, highlights Guto Barra, scriptwriter of the series.

Guilherme of Padua and Daniella Perez. Photo: HBO Max

The murder of Daniella Perez was full of errors in the investigation and her family and closest friends offer their testimonies in front of the camera to tell this tragedy honestly. The documentary becomes a look at the mistrust of the authorities, something that still remains three decades after the event, as Guto Barra points out:

“I cannot say that justice as a whole does not work, but it has been shown that some police forces in Brazil are corrupt. It is probable that thirty years ago, in Rio de Janeiro, impunity was more widespread than today. This affects many aspects of a criminal case, but what the documentary highlights the most is the fear that people have to testify in Brazil. Especially people who come from poor communities are very skeptical and think that they may end up involved in crime in some way. This says a lot about how society feels.”


30 years have passed since Daniella’s femicide and the pain remains the same. Gloria Pérez resumes the search for the truth behind the murder of her eldest daughter, who left her dead in life. Her mother relives what those moments were like after Daniella’s death and the path in search of justice.

Gloria’s participation in the case was fundamental, since she started an independent investigation where she looked for witnesses, found evidence and identified the errors of the Brazilian authorities.

“Gloria Pérez’s strength and determination were key to finding all the answers that would help solve this case, since many authorities were not putting too much effort into it. Unfortunately, historically in Latin America, in cases of murder, especially femicide against women, it is the mothers who never give up. They continue to fit in for justice in the cases of her daughters / sons and Gloria’s tragic journey was no different, she never gave up fitting in for Daniella and continued to do so to this day in one way or another. Her whole journey to get answers and witnesses is a very powerful thing to watch”, highlights Tati Issa.

Gloria Perez. Photo: HBO Max

Throughout five chapters, the series interviews Daniella’s family, the widower of actress Raúl Gazolla, and other Brazilian actors, such as Claudia Raia, Fábio Assumpção, Maurício Mattar, Cristiana Oliveira and Eri Johnson. In addition, it also brings together key testimonies of the process such as the prosecutor (Piñero Filho), the main witness (Antonio Curado), journalists who interviewed the murderers (Luciléia Cordovil, Elsa Boechat), specialists in psychopathic personalities (Ana Beatriz Barbosa and Ilana Casoy) and other professionals and related authorities.

Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perezavailable on HBO Max, is a return to the past from a more critical perspective through an exhaustive investigation whose sole mission is to clarify the case.

“This case brings us to so many discussion lawyers: violence and prejudice against women, the media circus and the role that its sensationalism can play in a terrible case like that, the failure of the justice system, psychopaths and the danger of having them around us, envy, rituals, etc. But above all, knowing what really happened to Daniella and that the truth is finally told, ”concludes her director.

Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez. Photo: HBO Max

The story of Daniella Perez, the actress killed by her co-star, on HBO Max