The Syrianization of Europe |

Never underestimate a wounded and decaying empire collapsing in real time. Europe is afraid, but not of Russia, but of imperialism.

Pepe Escobar / Hispan TV

Imperial officials continue to brazenly say that their exceptionalist control over the world is mandatory. But they must be very cautious, since at any moment competitors may arise that manage to put an end to the hegemony of the Westerners.

The imperial modus operandi in the face of geopolitical and geoeconomic competitors remains the same: impose avalanches of sanctions, economic blockades, protectionist measures, a military resurgence in neighboring nations, and various threats.

The hegemonic powers can be “transparent” at least in this area of ​​dominance because they still control a massive international network of institutions, financial bodies, politicians, CEOs, propaganda agencies, and the culture industry. Hence this supposed invulnerability that breeds insolence.

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Panic in the “garden”

Everyone knows who blew up the Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines, but no one reveals the name of the suspect. The attacks against Nord Stream seek two objectives; cut off cheap energy from Russia to Europe and destroy the German economy.

From the imperial perspective, the ideal would be to control the rise of a Intermarium (project at the end of World War I: federation between Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, under Polish leadership) controlled by the US, from the Baltic and the Adriatic to the Black Sea, led by Poland, which exercises a kind of new hegemony in Europe, immediately after the Initiative of the three seas.

In the dubious investigation of what really happened to the Russian gas pipelines, Sweden was cast as ‘The Cleaner’, as if it were a sequel to Quentin Tarantino’s crime thriller ‘Pulp Fiction’. That is why the results of the “investigation” cannot be shared with Russia. The ‘Cleaner’ was there to erase any incriminating evidence.

While German investigations reveal that Russia’s Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines were sabotaged, Berlin was hesitant to say by whom.

Actually, this is as sinister as it sounds, because Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, and the entire European Union, know that if they really confront the US in public, the empire will strike back, manufacturing a war on European soil. They are afraid, but not of Russia, but of imperialism.

The empire simply cannot afford to lose the “garden”. And European leaders know they are dealing with a psychopathic, serial killer entity that simply cannot be appeased.

Meanwhile, the arrival of winter in Europe heralds a socioeconomic descent into a maelstrom of darkness, unimaginable only a few months ago in the supposed “garden” (according to Borrell’s unhappy phrase) of humanity, so far from the din of the ” jungle”.

Well, from now on barbarism starts from home. And the Europeans should thank the American ally for it, cleverly manipulating fearful elites and vassals of the EU.

Much more dangerous, however, is a specter that very few are able to identify: the imminent “Syrianization of Europe”. That will be a direct consequence of the NATO debacle in Ukraine.

The future of NATO

The prospects on the Ukrainian battlefield are bleak. Russia’s special military operation has been seamlessly transformed into a counter-terrorism operation: Moscow now openly characterizes kyiv as a terrorist regime.

Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s power/electricity infrastructure are poised to completely cripple kyiv’s economy and military. And by December, a partially mobilized contingent of properly trained and highly motivated Russian soldiers is scheduled to arrive at the front.

The only question concerns the schedule. Moscow is now in the process of slowly but surely beheading the kyiv representative and ultimately crushing NATO “unity”.

Russia is destroying the “rules-based international order” coined by the hegemon. And Russia is backed by its natural resources, food supply and reliable security.

And in coordination with China, Iran, and major Eurasian players, Russia is working to finally dismantle all those US-controlled international organizations.

The Syrianization of Europe

On the battlefield of Ukraine, NATO’s crusade against Russia is doomed to fail, even as up to 80 percent of Ukraine’s combat forces are NATO-staffed on several axes. Weapons like HIMARS are few and far between. And depending on the outcome of the US midterm elections, the US arms tap to Ukraine will dry up in 2023.

Ukraine, by the spring of 2023, may be reduced to no more than an impoverished black hole. Imperial Plan A remains Afghanization: operating an army of mercenaries capable of destabilizing or carrying out terrorist incursions into the Russian Federation.

At the same time, Europe is dotted with US military bases. All those bases can serve as terrorists, much like those located in Syria like Al-Tanf.

In this process of Syrianization of Europe, US military bases can become ideal centers to govern and or “train” squadrons of Eastern European migrants, whose only job opportunity, apart from the drug trade, prostitution and organ trafficking , it will be to serve as mercenaries to fight against any source of civil disobedience that arises in an impoverished EU.

A deindustrialized EU entangled in various layers of toxic internal warfare is the perfect scenario for the US, and thus convert the North American country into an ideal destination for Global Capital, including European Capital.

The empire will “lose” its pet project, the Ukraine. But he will never accept losing the European “garden”.

The Syrianization of Europe |