The tragic end of Tracy Edwards, the last victim of Jeffrey Dahmer

It was the night of July 22, 1991 when a nearly naked man approached a police patrol to have some handcuffs that were hooked to his left wrist removed. The policemen tried to open them but seeing that none of their keys worked, they went to the apartment where the subject, who identified himself as Tracy Edwards, claimed that there was a man who had tried to kill him.

This is how they captured Jeffrey Dahmer

Once they arrived at the scene, the policemen ran into a man named Jeffrey Dahmer., who was very cooperative with the authorities and never denied that he had put the handcuffs on Tracy. He actually told, partially, the truth of what had happened: Dahmer offered Tracy $100 to let him take nude photos.

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However, the subject failed to mention that he had tried to drug Edwards, that he had threatened him with a knife and that, in addition, he had threatened to eat her heart while watching ‘The Exorcist III’. During an oversight by Jeffrey Dahmer, Tracy hit him and managed to escape the apartment alive. thus avoiding being the 18th fatality of a serial killer who until then had not been identified.

When the policemen asked him for the keys to the handcuffs, the then-unknown killer invited the policemen to help him look for them. That time, luck was not on his side and a policeman found some photographs that he had taken of the corpses of his victims.

At that moment Jeffrey Dahmer tried to escape, but was captured in a matter of seconds. By that time, another of the policemen had already found a human head inside the refrigerator. Unbeknownst to them, they had stumbled upon one of the cruelest killers in American history.

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Tracy Edwards’ life was never the same

A year after escaping from Dahmer, Tracy Edwards’ face was known across the country and it is not for less, thanks to his courage one of the most ruthless psychopaths in his country had fallen.

The last victim of the “Milwaukee cannibal” was called to trial and visibly affected narrated everything that happened the night he almost lost his life.

“I was listening to my heart. She told me that she would eat it. I suggested we sit on the sofa. I unbuttoned my shirt so that he felt comfortable and then he started to come out of himself again », he narrated at the time.

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Tracy Edwards was never able to recover from this experience. She began to use drugs and the degree of her addiction led him to live on the streets for more than a decade.

According to abc Reports, Tracy received nothing for the class action lawsuit that awarded Dahmer estate restitution to his victims. At the time, 500 thousand dollars were collected, of which Edwards did not see a penny.

After this, the survivor became homeless and began racking up police charges such as drug possession, property damage, child abandonment, and theft.

In 2011, he was arrested for throwing a man off a Milwaukee bridge. For this crime, Tracy Edwards was sentenced to a year and a half in prison, plus two years of judicial supervision. He is currently free but no one knows his whereabouts.

His lawyer Paul Ksicinski said that his client could never mentally recover from what happened to him that night in 1991.

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The tragic end of Tracy Edwards, the last victim of Jeffrey Dahmer