The ‘war on terror’ may be about to hit Europe

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Imperial officials, even in a “diplomatic” capacity, continue to brazenly declare that their exceptionalist control over the world is mandatory.

If not, competitors could emerge and upstage them – monopolized by the American oligarchies. This, of course, is an absolute anathema.

The imperial modus operandi against geopolitical and geoeconomic competitors remains the same: avalanche of sanctions, embargoes, economic blockades, protectionist measures, culture of cancellation, military build-up in neighboring nations and various threats. But above all, the warmongering rhetoric – currently at its peak.

The hegemon may be ‘transparent’, at least in this area, as it still controls a massive international network of institutions, financial bodies, politicians, CEOs, propaganda agencies and industry. of pop culture. Hence this alleged invulnerability which engenders insolence.

Panic in the “garden”

The explosion of Nord Stream (NS) and Nord Stream 2 (NS2) – everyone knows who did it, but the suspect cannot be named – took the imperial twin project of cutting off the cheap Russian energy from Europe and destroy the German economy.

From the Imperial point of view, the ideal subplot is the emergence of a US-controlled Intermarium – from the Baltic and the Adriatic to the Black Sea – led by Poland, exercising a kind of new hegemony in Europe, in the wake of the Three Seas Initiative.

But as it stands, it remains a wet dream.

As part of the dubious “investigation” into what really happened to NS and NS2, Sweden played the part of the cleaner, as if it were a sequel to Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

This is why the results of the “investigation” cannot be shared with Russia. The Cleaner was there to erase any incriminating evidence.

As for the Germans, they voluntarily accepted the role of scapegoats. Berlin claimed it was sabotage, but dared not say by whom.

It’s actually as sinister as it gets, because Sweden, Denmark and Germany, and the whole EU, know that if you really confront the Empire, in public, the Empire will retaliate, fabricating a war on European soil. It’s a matter of fear – not fear of Russia.

The Empire simply cannot afford to lose the “garden”. And the “garden” elites with above room IQs know they are dealing with a psychopathic serial killer entity that simply cannot be appeased.

Meanwhile, General Winter’s arrival in Europe heralds a socio-economic descent into a maelstrom of darkness – unimaginable only a few months ago in humanity’s supposed “garden”, so far from the rumblings of the “jungle”. “.

Well, from now on barbarism starts at home. And the Europeans should thank the American “ally” for this, who skilfully manipulates fearful and vassalized European elites.

Far more dangerous, however, is a specter that very few are able to identify: the impending Syrianization of Europe. This will be a direct consequence of the NATO debacle in Ukraine.

From an Imperial perspective, the outlook on the Ukrainian battlefield is bleak. Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) has turned into a Counter-Terrorism Operation (CTO): Moscow now openly calls kyiv a terrorist regime.

Surgical strikes against Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure are about to completely cripple kyiv’s economy and military. And by December there will be the arrival on the front and rear lines of a properly trained and highly motivated partial mobilization contingent.

The only question concerns the calendar. Moscow is slowly but surely decapitating proxy kyiv, and ultimately shattering the “unity” of NATO.

The torture process of the European economy is relentless. And the real world outside of the collective West – the global South – is with Russia, from Africa and Latin America to West Asia and even sections of the EU.

It is Moscow – and of course not Beijing – that is ripping apart the “rules-based international order” imposed by the hegemon, backed by its natural resources, food supply and reliable security.

And in coordination with China, Iran, and major Eurasian players, Russia is working to shut down all of these US-controlled international organizations as the South becomes virtually immune to the spread of psyops from NATO.

The Syrianization of Europe

On the Ukrainian battlefield, the NATO crusade against Russia is doomed to failure, even though in several nodes up to 80% of the fighting forces are made up of NATO personnel. Wunderwaffen such as HIMARS are rare. And depending on the outcome of the US midterm elections, the weaponry will dry up in 2023.

In the spring of 2023, Ukraine could be nothing more than an impoverished, rump black hole. The Imperial Plan A remains Afghanization: to exploit an army of mercenaries capable of carrying out targeted incursions of destabilization and/or terrorism into the Russian Federation.

At the same time, Europe is full of American military bases.

All of these bases can act as large terrorist bases – just like in Syria, al-Tanf and east of the Euphrates. The United States lost the long proxy war in Syria – where it instrumentalized jihadists – but it has still not been expelled.

In this process of Syrianization of Europe, American military bases can become ideal centers for regimenting and/or “training” squads of emigrants from Eastern Europe, whose only possibility of employment, apart from drug trade and organ trafficking, will be to become – what else – imperial mercenaries, fighting any outbreak of civil disobedience emerging in an impoverished EU.

It goes without saying that this new model of army will be fully sanctioned by the EUrocracy of Brussels, which is only the public relations arm of NATO.

A deindustrialized EU entangled in several layers of toxic intra-war, where NATO plays its tried and true Robocop role, is the perfect Mad Max scenario juxtaposed with what would be, at least in the musings of American Straussians/Neocons, a island of prosperity: the American economy, the ideal destination for world capital, and in particular European capital.

The Empire will “lose” its favorite project, Ukraine. But he will never agree to lose the European “garden”.

pepe escobar

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The ‘War of Terror’ May be About to Hit Europe

The ‘war on terror’ may be about to hit Europe