Today the reform of the Public Order Law will be filed, with this the government intends to bring the country’s armed actors closer to dialogue

Reference image. Bogotá, June 29, 2022. Alfonso Prada gives statements after the meeting he held with the Minister of the Interior, Daniel Palacios, to connect the outgoing government with the incoming one. (Colprensa-Sergio Acero)

The Ministry of the Interior confirmed that today around 10 in the morning the bill that modifies the Law of Public Order will be filed before the Congress of the Republic. With this legislative act, the government intends to give the legal and legal bases to armed groups in the country so that they agree to sit at the dialogue table with the National government.

This project was one of the most anticipated by the government bench in Congress, since it is part of the legislative agenda proposed by the congressmen. Even the president of Congress, Roy Barreras, had made a strong call yesterday to the ministers to file the bills that are highly important to this government.

Although today the final text will be known, It has been confirmed by the government that it includes an important section on the subject of peace, which may be attractive to groups outside the law that have indicated intentions to establish peace talks with the government of President Gustavo Petro.

This bill is one of the central proposals of President Gustavo Petro, since from the time following his inauguration, he required the armed groups to be part of the “full peace”, Call that intends to invite them to agree to start peace talks that lead to the termination of their armed actions in the country.

“The modification to the law of public order or Law 418 is the one that gives faculties precisely to create the conditions of the dialogues with the groups raised in armsWe have submitted that law to a review, not only is it going to be done as it was done in previous years, which was to extend the term of the powers that the president has, but we are going to make a new law with a whole peace policy ” , assured the minister, Alfonso Prada.

As stated by the Minister of the Interior, this bill, if approved, it would include regulations for groups outside the law such as the National Liberation Army (ELN). However, he specified that this legislative project does not contemplate the possibility that other armed groups submit to justice. This means that groups like the ‘Clan del Golfo’ would have to face other mechanisms of subjugation that the government makes available.

Regarding the course that this legislative act should take, and the speed that, it was presumed, this proposal would have in the Congress of the Republic, the minister, Alfonso Prada, ruled out the possibility of it being issued with an urgent message, Therefore, the processing of this law will be subject to the legislative agenda of Congress.

Precisely, the president of the Senate, Roy Barreras, had urged the proposing ministers to quickly present the bills that are part of the “Agenda for Change” attention call that obeys to the difficulties of time that this and other laws would have for its approval. Senator Barreras stressed that there are only 14 weeks left to finish this year’s legislative period.

After the arrival of Gustavo Petro to the presidency, rapprochements began with the ELN guerrilla, meetings that both the senator Ivan Cepeda, as the high commissioner for peace, Danilo Rueda have qualified as successful and with a true desire for peace. Well, as Commissioner Danilo Rueda pointed out, from this armed group the necessary steps will be taken to resume talks.


Today the reform of the Public Order Law will be filed, with this the government intends to bring the country’s armed actors closer to dialogue