Toni Acosta and Loles León, protagonists of “Father there is no more than one 3”

is it difficultIt is easy to maintain two levels so that the film is liked by both parents and

Tony Acosta: It’s a great script exercise. The key has been found by its authors, Marta González de Vega and Santiago Segura. They have done it again. When the script arrives, I laugh again, I find it funny, I think it’s aimed at adults and children, and it has the entire plot of grandparents…

Loles leeithern: I’m so thankful for the grandparents subplot. Before, the elderly were not represented, but since I entered the second film this aspect has been taken care of a lot. Now my character has been given a subplot with Marisa’s father. He has been wonderful. It is very complete.

TA: The casting has already been completed. Now let them write plots for us.

roomandDo you miss Antonio Resines, who got sick during the filming?

TA: Yes, because he is also a friend.

LL: We shot the first thing in the Plaza Mayor with him. Then we had to repeat it with Carlos.

TA: We were very worried throughout the shoot.

LL: We were all very aware of his admission. I really enjoyed shooting with Antonio, but also later with Carlos. I had only worked with him on the series Manolo and Benito Corporeision. I did several chapters.

There have been several imitations of Father there is no moreI know that one. But they don’t work. whatwhatand has your saga so yes does it work?

TA: I think it’s the mirror effect. Spectators see themselves reflected. The characters sound familiar. They recognize their children. I think this film treats children as thinking people, capable of laughing.

LL: And they have Santiago Segura.

TA: Yes, definitely. He has found a magic key.

LL: He has the upper hand in this regard. What it touches works. He is a character that the public loves. They consider him intelligent and with a great ability to tell stories. That goes ahead.

TA: Every movie works. One may think that there are already three. But then it turns out to be a delicious movie.

LL: how many did Torrent? Five. She stopped doing it because she started with this other saga.

TA: The other day he said that maybe he was shooting another one.

This tape is full of allusions to Torrent. The dog is called Josand Luis, and there is talk of Atlandattic from Madrid.

TA: He honors many things. For example, the fantasy of bringing together Antonio Resines and Loles León comes from The girl of your eyes.

LL: He likes those things.

TA: We watch a movie, but in his head there is a completely different one.

LL: In the same way alludes to Frank Capra.

LL: And because we don’t want to make spoilers, but there are many references.

Cow is the work with the kids? They really look like your family.

TA: They are wonderful. They are good actors because they have learned to be better each time from the first. They are good people. They help each other. They don’t compete.

LL: They have discipline. They’re serious. They take it professionally. They listen to Santiago. If you are there they also listen to you. They listen to me like a grandmother.

There is a vindication of the movieass The big family. Should we claim the value of the movies?spanish asswaves?

TA: Like José Sacristán, I am not going to give up any of the films I have made. They have all had their historical moment, their sense and their way of understanding cinema.

LL: There is a sentence of The girl of your eyes That sums it up pretty well. “Are we going to do a Spanish?” “Of course, we are not going to do “Germany”.

TA: I am a great defender of Spanish cinema. In addition, it tells how our culture is, our way of counting and each of our historical moments.

LL: We have had good actors, great actresses, and even wonderful children. Wonders continue to be done. There is a very high artistic level. But here, as always. We like to throw stones at each other.

TA: And value the outside more!

Do you know more?s out now that Father there is no mas that one 3 premieres on amazon prime video?

TA: A very good thing is happening. Our audiovisual production is beginning to be valued. This moment is wonderful.

LL: my series Here there is no one alive triumph now on Netflix.

How many installments of the saga are you going to shoot?

TA: We will answer you the same. The ones Santiago wants.

LL: According to Sirena Segura, her youngest daughter, about six or seven. She told me that we are going to do the fourth. And the fifth and sixth. And maybe even the seventh.

TA: We’ll see, but I think it’s precious to be part of this family.

LL: Me too.

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Toni Acosta and Loles León, protagonists of “Father there is no more than one 3” –