Top 12 actors who played twins on screen, two salaries in the pocket

A real actor can do anything, not in the sense that he can do inhuman things like get run over by a bus and survive or read all Yann Moix’s books without throwing up, but rather in the sense that he is capable of anything play without taking us out of the movie for a single second. In this vein, some actors have played twins on screen, and if they did well, we could tell the characters apart without having to wear wigs or because one of the two brothers inexplicably has a Marseille accent. . We offer you a small list, just like that to warm up before sport.

Jeremy Irons – Pretending

What a fucking movie, enough to completely lose you while making you uncomfortable, like when you take a taxi in a city you don’t know with a racist driver. Jeremy Irons plays (brilliantly) two twin brothers who do not hesitate to spill over into each other’s daily lives by exchanging their names, to the point that they begin to mix up their own lives. A Cronenberg from the Belle Epoque.

Noomi Rapace – Seven Sisters

Playing two twins isn’t bad, but playing seven is starting to get tricky. However, nothing puts Noomi Rapace back who apparently knows how to do everything. The film is worth what it is (not the film of the year I grant you) but the performance of the actress is clearly worth a look.

Ewan McGregor – Fargo

Ewan McGregor plays in the third season of Fargo two brothers who do not look alike at all and he manages quite a lot to give them sufficient nuances and make them two interesting characters. That being said, it wasn’t the best season of the series, but it still looked good.

Mark Ruffalo – I know this much is true

Already the guy is very nice but in addition he is very talented, he becomes a little annoying as a result. In this series he plays two twin brothers with a complicated family history. Between betrayals, family secrets and a well-trimmed beard, you have a nice mini-series to watch.

James Franco – The Deuce

This series is frankly brilliant, it’s made by David Simon, the genius behind TheWire and it’s very cool. It talks about the world of prostitution and the advent of porn in New York in the 70s, James Franco plays two twin brothers who work in a rotten bar. One again actor who plays many roles in a series.

Tom Hardy – Legend

Well, we’re not going to lie to each other, the film was promising but was ultimately not as good as one might think. That said, Tom Hardy managed really well to differentiate these two twin brothers, he was more than believable as usual and wore the costumes very well.

Jeffrey Tambor – Arrested Development

Attention this series is funny, you are warned, even if a colleague with whom I do not agree has decided not to put it in the top of best comedy series. Jeffrey Tambor embodies George the father of this completely offbeat family, but also his brother Oscar, who is differentiated just by his haircut. Two important and recurring characters, but who are also funnier each in their own way.

Armie Hammer – The Social Network

In Fincher’s film which recounts the (shameful) beginnings of Facebook, Armie Hammer plays the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who oppose Mark Zuckerberg and claim paternity of the social network. Often side-by-side on screen, they are played consecutively by the actor and then superimposed next to each other. This was all before the actor was accused of a whole bunch of gross stuff, like rape and cannibalistic tendencies. A nice guy, really.

Lindsay Lohan – The Four Of Us

A couple separates and the parents decide to each keep one of the two twins (already a good idea of ​​absolutely horrible shit to support kids). Then the kids meet and hop, they understand that they are sisters, since they look alike. Sacred Lindsay, already a child she could play everything (I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of her films).

Edward Norton – Aspiring crook(s)

Two twin brothers who have nothing to do with each other: the first is a tidy philosophy teacher, the second is a drug dealer who pretends to be dead. It would be stupid to tell you the rest of the story, mainly because as I’ve never seen it I risk saying big bullshit. But knowing Norton he must manage to play the famous brothers.

Marion Cotillard – Pretty Things

Two sisters who are complete opposites since the first is super discreet and introverted while the other is clearly free and parties all the time. When the second dies, the first decides to take her place since her life was still a bit shitty. Marion Cotillard’s double ration, for the fans it’s a gift.

Paul Dano – There Will Be Blood

Paul Dano is a super gifted actor but still has the head of a psychopath, so he often does weird roles, but he does them well. In There will be blood he is simply excellent in both roles, however he is eclipsed by Daniel Day Lewis, a actor always too motivated for a role.

And you, do you have a twin or a twin? It’s for a survey.

Top 12 actors who played twins on screen, two salaries in the pocket