Tsundoku starts

Kick-off on Friday 21 October at the Cantiere 26 Tsundoku youth center, a book review dedicated to the themes dear to young people, their anxieties, their rapidly changing world, their horizon marked by uncertainty but also by new opportunities, hope and ability often extraordinary, to find new ways.

Friday 21 October at 8 pm the zero kilometer aperitif and the presentation of the review, followed by: Jonathan Zenti presents «Problems. A guide to understanding the absurdity of the present »(Blackie, 2022), moderates Simone Casciano.

How to save our mind and body from the judgment of others? What cause to take sides for, if activism is bought by brands? Does our loneliness grow with the increase of our followers? Jonathan Zenti’s is a book made up of questions. An enlightening, intense and strangely reassuring journey through the key issues of our age. A hallucinated and at the same time very lucid analysis of the contradictions and paradoxes of a contemporaneity so social as to be dissociated. The reader is taken by the hand and accompanied in the whirlwinds of thoughts of Jonathan Zenti, one of the most brilliant Italian authors and creator of the cult podcast “Problems”. Only he can hold together patriarchy, cancel culture and the war in Ukraine, yoga, gay pride and feminism, the right to narcissism, therapy and privilege, influencer battles and gender profiling. Problems is a guide to these absurd times, an atlas of the complexity of reality. A book that never promises easy solutions. And for that very reason, it sounds awfully new and liberating.

Saturday 22 October the proposals are two: at 18.30 Ania Marziana, illustrator and graphic designer, and Michele De Stefano, cartoonist and illustrator, author of the anthology “Dirty is immediately” published by Feltrinelli Comics, talk about “Comics in cosmic space”, interviewed by well-known cartoonist Marco Tabilio; and at 9 pm “Cinemalteatro”, a theatrical performance for the review “Chi è di scena”.

“Cinemalteatro”, by and with Loris Fabiani, uses the means of the theater to convey the stories of the great films, which will be retraced from start to finish, live. For the audience that gets involved: raise your voice well. Acting a lot. Don’t worry about making mistakes, making mistakes on stage. There are no mistakes, what some call mistakes for others is fun. In any case, there is no need to worry: the actors will accompany the audience for the duration of the films. Scene after scene. It is possible to enter when the show has started, or with the mobile phone on: this will greatly attract the attention of the Cinemalteatro team and will make the new arrivals immediately actors involved in the show. The goal is to entertain, entertain.
Info and reservations: info.evoeteatro@gmail.com.
Tickets: 10 euros (full), 5 euros (reduced).

Sunday 23 October at 5 pm Bruna Orlandi presents «Despite, free. The story as a therapeutic act »(Giraldi Editore, 2018), in collaboration with Eutropia Festival, moderated by Cecilia Bighelli. The evening continues at 7 pm with a musical aperitif by the Alto Garda Music School.

It is a Sunday morning and she is in the car with her partner. Suddenly she feels a pain in her genital organs, a pain that cannot be said, but that she urgently needs to tell the cobbler under the house as well. She begins a real ordeal made up of frustrating medical visits and singular encounters: the champion of blisters, the guru of anthroposophy and a bizarre expert in Chinese medicine, until the day when a doctor finally listens to her and gives her a diagnosis. Vulvodynia. When her disturbance seems to want to hold her back, her life really begins again. In between are the fear of happiness, a wedding party that looks like a festival, a psychopathic dog and a daughter who does everything to be there and the awareness that the only thing that makes sense is to live without delay. Born as a personal memoir, «Despite, free», an autobiographical novel in which life is savored more than suffering, explores the world of women, the relationship with a partner, sex, social taboos, the asymmetries of the doctor-patient relationship, told with biting irony while preserving the intimate, honest and confidential tones of a private diary.

Upcoming events
The review will continue on Saturday 29 October: at 6 pm Camillo Ischia will present «Death makes his turn» (published by Araba Fenice). Followed by an aperitif with crime (18 euros, by reservation). And at 9 pm Matteo Innocenti will be there with his book «Eco Ansia. Climate change between activism and fear ”(Erickson, 2022). To moderate, Ilaria Bionda.

The review
Tsundoku is organized by the “Bruno Emmert” civic library together with the Cantiere 26 Youth Center with the collaboration of Book on Air (Plan B project of the Alto Garda and Ledro Valley Community) and Eutropia Festival (winner of a provincial tender on equal opportunities ) with a dense network of synergies: Araba Fenice association, Erickson Study Center, cultural association “Chi è di scena”, “Two points” and “Cazzaniga” bookstores, Rockabout Radio, Smag (Alto Garda music school), The Elp and Gas , Alba Chiara Aps, Andromeda association, Amici di Famiglia Odv (association of volunteers that collaborates with the Maternal Family Foundation of Rovereto) and Il Buco cultural association. The meetings take place at the Cantiere 26 Youth Center in Prabi, admission is free.

Photo: “Cinemalteatro”, from youtube

Tsundoku starts