two different series

Historically, Americans produced police series (and still do) whose heroes are irreproachable, decent beings, respectful of the law in all its forms. However, the public felt empathy with other types of protagonists of productions that lasted for years and who were not at all saints.



ORnone of them is `Dexter’, which aired from 2006 to 2013, starring Michael Hall, who played an honorable and efficient Miami Police coroner specializing in analysis of blood that appeared in the crimes that the detectives were investigating. But in reality, in his spare time, he persecuted and killed – dismembered – dangerous criminals who had not been properly tried and were free. He was psychologically a psychopath and criminally a serial killer. However, his hidden task that compensated for the failures of Justice made him a lovable character for the viewing public.

Written by James Manos Jr., produced by Daniel Cerone and directed by Michael Cuesta, among many, the cast was completed by Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter’s sister and police officer), CS Lee (another coroner), David Zayas (Detective Angel Bastista) , Erik King (Sergeant James Doakes) and Lauren Vélez (Lieutenant María LaGuerta). In the different seasons, new characters and difficult situations were added for Dexter, who was always at risk of being discovered, although that did not happen in the end, except for his own sister, who did not report him because he was shot dead in a confrontation. police.

It has been announced in the media for a long time that `Dexter’ would be filmed again.


* ’24’

Another successful American action series, with a non-holy hero, was `24′, which premiered in 2001 and ran for nine seasons. Its protagonist, Kiefer Sutherland, played agent Jack Bauer, who belonged to the CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit). Events always occur within an hour, whose clock appears from time to time on the screen. And another novelty at that time was to present the split screen in several different images (scenes) that occurred at the same time.

Bauer was brave, fearless, daring, and very clever at uncovering criminals chapter by chapter, which were vibrant as video game screens; but Bauer had a special characteristic: when he caught a suspicious member of a terrorist group -always with a contemptible appearance- he generally beat or tortured him to remove information about his bosses and about the moment of the attack in which the world or the United States were in danger. for a possible attack.

He did not use psychology but the fists and the revolver or a knife to obtain the truth and logically he succeeded.

The producers of `24′ were Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran and Howard Gordon. And some of the actresses and actors who accompanied Sutherland were Elisha Cuthbert, Mary Linn Rajskub, Carlos Bernard, Sarah Clarke, Dennis Haybert, Kim Raver, Leslie Hope, Cherry Jones and many others.

Like James Bond and Jason Bourne on film (all with the initials JB), Jack Bauer had license to kill if it was necessary.



It is evident that for millions of viewers the idea of ​​the social contract in which the State guarantees the security of its inhabitants, imagined by Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, is degraded; That is why our mirror neurons produce identification with these vigilantes who illegally impose their power when the worst criminals refuse to testify. That is perhaps where the fascination originates from this type of heroes that generated unforgettable characters.

two different series