Ukraine, President Zelensky’s psychological profile

Ukraine: President Zelensky is trying to get the country out of the conflict, without bothering to prevent it in time. His is a different personality from Putin’s, he looks like a hero looking for a way out, so he asks for help insisting on the critical situation of a country close to total destruction. What is the psychological profile? We talked about it with Marilena Menti, psychotherapist, in Mattina con noi on Cusano Italia TV. “Zelensky has many similar traits with Putin, and many different ones. He is a pragmatic, far-sighted, histrionic man, he is a rigid person, he is authoritarian, very authoritarian. His is an authority not fully disclosed, unlike Putin’s. “

Ukraine: President Zelensky is a histrionic narcissist

That of the president of Ukraine is a disguised personality, not entirely declared, unlike that of Putin (psychopathic narcissist), clear. Putin is rigid, authoritarian, his strategy based on fear, Zelensky’s is not entirely clear. We are experiencing a theater, a conflict: Putin is the director, Zelensky the actor, but it is a theater that can become dangerous, not as much as that of the Second World War, but as much as that of the first – observed Dr. Menti – Zelensky is a actor who is reversing reality: this is the manipulation of the histrionic narcissist. “

Cognitive empathy and selective empathy

“Putin has a cognitive empathy, Zelensky a selective empathy, he uses narrative patterns that touch people. How come we don’t know how many Ukrainian soldiers were killed? These narrative patterns that he uses are very well researched. He can be seen from the mood, he studied well to become prime minister, he studied everything including communication – Marilena Menti pointed out – his is a sacrificial narrative pattern, Zelensky is sacrificing himself for us. In Parliament he says it’s up to you, show us, he says we are you, he involves us in a situation that is not ours, he is reversing reality, we are not them. He is creating a sense of guilt in us. “

The characteristics of the histrionic personality

What are the characteristics of the histrionic personality? “They are unstable people, they try to adapt in every situation, Zelensky goes from the narrative pattern, of good versus evil, to the sacrificial one, he has become a hero. We have two heroes: the social hero and the individual hero. Putin is the individual one, he sacrifices himself for the ideals, he has been offended. Zelensky is the social hero, he sacrifices himself for the country. Both are manipulating us, each in his own way. Zelensky also uses social media and he is not a person who is with the whole world, but his empathy for him is selective, he uses social media to manipulate us. He hasn’t done many interviews with journalists, he chooses, he’s selective. I don’t know the psycho or the histrionic is worse. It was an inevitable war. That’s thirty years of pressure. Everyone has interests. It was a moment Zelensky had been waiting for: what did he do to avoid conflict? Zelensky should step back. ”

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Ukraine, President Zelensky’s psychological profile