Under the sun: what happens to the actors of the series?

Under the sun rocked the French from 1996 to 2008. And if you were one of those people who never missed the episodes for any reason, a question certainly crosses your mind today: what happens to the favorite actors of the show? Answer.

Adeline Blondieau, alias Caro in Under the sun

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The fans of Under the sun remember perfectly Caroline Drancourt, distinguished figure of the leading trio of the series, who embodied the star lawyer of Saint Tropez. Far from the cameras that she continued to frequent some time after her departure from the series, Adeline Blondieau has completely changed her life: she is, at 51, today a sophrologist. “I feel more in my place when I am useful to others (…) I write books, I share the practice of sophrology, I help people get better, and this is for me the best gratification »she confided to Femme Actuelle.

Bénédicte Delmas, alias Laure


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It is, let’s face it, a lot on his shoulders that the whole series rested Under the sun… Bénédicte Delmas is none other than the face of Laure Olivier, the absolute heroine of the soap opera. Now 49, Bénédicte Delmas continues to evolve in the world of television and cinema, but rather on the other side. It is in directing that she flourishes the most now. She has notably boxed several episodes of More beautiful lifebut also recently series like Clem, Tandem or such a big sun. Like what, when you frequent the sets of French series and soap operas, it is difficult to move away from them…

Tonya Kinzinger aka Jess


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Tonya Kinzinger was, without context, the American touch of Under the sun. The dancer made an impression with the role of Jess, choreographer and icon of St Trop’! It is this fiber that the actress found after leaving the series. We notably found her as co-host of the star Academy on NRJ12 or in the star program of TF1, Dance with the stars. She also dabbled in musicals with hit parade before finding the cameras and the fiction, by offering a regular role in the soap opera such a big sun.

Romeo Sarfati, aka Louis


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In Under the sun, the character of Louis turned more than one head. It must be said that Roméo Sarfati’s blue eyes went perfectly with the azure blue of the Mediterranean Sea… After his appearance in the soap opera broadcast on TF1, he returned to the series which revealed him to the general public: A wonderful family, until 2018. Subsequently, it was rather another artistic fiber that he explored: music. It is under the name LapAche that he now practices in rap!

Christine Lemler, aka Valentine


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The one we knew as Valentine Chardin hasn’t stopped acting since the end of Under the sun. Moreover, she even found her favorite role in Under the sun of Saint-Tropez, the spin-off. And if the new generation also knows the face of Christine Lemler, it is thanks to her (small) role in tomorrow belongs to usNatalia Verrier.

Gregory Fitoussi, alias Benjamin

bejamin_under the sun

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Fans of the cult 90s soap remember Grégory Fitoussi perfectly as Benjamin, Laure Olivier’s great love. For the actor, Under the sun was just the start of a long career. Fans have been able to see him in several successful series such as gears or The Office of Legends. Soon, Grégory Fitoussi will be on the bill of Valkyriesa Franco-German-Belgian mini-series notably produced by TF1.

Marie-Christine Adam, alias Blandine Olivier

blandine_under the sun

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Ah the mother of Laure Olivier! Marie-Christine Adam camped for many years the mother of the doctor, heroine of the series. So much so that years after the end of Under the sun, Marie-Christine Adam remains in the eyes of the French “the mother of Laure Olivier”. However, she has not stopped changing her identity in various productions, she who still nourishes today, at 71, a great career. Lately, we have been able to see her in the series Inventing Annaalongside Julia Garner or in the crazy series gold of him alongside Ramzy Bedia.

David Brécourt, aka Baptiste


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Heartbreaker of the series, David Brécourt played the role of Baptiste Mondino. After a romance with Laure Olivier, it is with Jessica that the doctor will live beautiful days in love. If David Brécourt continued to shine in comedy – we saw him in particular in Do not do this, do not do that – it is mainly on the boards that we can find the actor.

Stéphane Slima, who played Alain, died almost 10 years ago. The actor suffered a heart attack while on vacation.

Under the sun: what happens to the actors of the series?