Passion, commitment, courage and a healthy dose of lightness. In life, on the set or on stage at the theater. Marco Aceti, who has been working as a firefighter for 18 years alongside his acting profession, talks about his professional beginnings and how it is necessary to preserve his identity roots to face exciting and different challenges in front of the camera and on the stage where he is today. , to dictate “The rules of the game” that give the title to his latest show.

When did you realize you have the sacred fire of art?

«When I was very young, I started with photo novels at 16-17, I was already thinking of starting an acting career and so I understood that it was my vocation. From there, then, I went to an acting school ».

Do you live in Ciampino, your city of identity?

“I was actually born in Marino, but I live in Ciampino. But I consider myself a true Roman, I spend almost every day in Rome. I have experienced several times the thrill of visiting a place and the perception of having lived there in another life. Perhaps, that was the destination where I would be at peace with myself. IS happened on the island of Favignana, in Puglia and in Salento, in particular in Punta della Suina and, obviously, it happens in the capital which, however, gives me a mixture of sensations mixed with work stress, traffic and daily worries. While the others, where people usually go on vacation, give me a sense of tranquility. I have Sicilian origins, my mother and my grandmother are from Marsala ».

What does it retain of the territorial identity?

«The truth and veracity of the soul, the typically Roman friendliness and spontaneity. Features I am proud of. In addition, the ability to always have the joke ready and to get by in complicated moments, finding a trick as well as an escape route in laughter and in student spirit. In Lazio there are wonderful places, I have a motorcycle with which I make long trips, alone or with my partner. I love Lazio cuisine and wines very much ».

How important is it to preserve one’s culture in the acting profession?

IS essential, it means having roots. But it is essential to discover others as well because they can be useful for interpreting a part that is distant from oneself. In this case, an actor undertakes a challenge which is to explore distant worlds by finding the right key to face an unprecedented one, perhaps empathizing with local people. The secret lies in being open to any cultural novelty, becoming multifaceted without stopping at what is made to measure ».

Firefighter by profession, does acting bring with it courage and the same passion?

«I am operational in the field and have 18 years of service. Growing up, and as I got older, I can say that I took them to the stage and I realized it. The real problem was to dose the energy which, at times, could be excessive, risking to go off the track. So “less is more”, to take away one’s impetus to give space to the role that one is called to play ».

In Italy, especially in the South during the summer, the plague of fires is on the agenda. Do you think the institutions are doing enough to prevent them?

«Prevention in closed environments, such as commercial activities, is quite efficient and the percentage has dropped considerably. On the contrary, for open spaces, first of all it would be necessary to clean, eliminating the brushwood and cutting the grass that grows and is flammable like a match. Greater surveillance would be needed because fires are often arson, there is self-combustion but there are arsonists as well. In Sicily, last year, the Riserva dello Zingaro, in the province of Trapani, was totally disfigured. Therefore the institutions could do much more ».

You made your debut in Fausto Brizzi’s “Night before exams”, what did you learn from that experience?

«My first important film, preceded by“ Taxi Lovers ”alongside a young Edoardo Leo who was beginning to establish himself in the world of cinema. I won a pose in the acting class I was attending and Luigi Di Fiore, my then teacher and director of the film, wanted to reward the most deserving. Then came “Night before exams”, in which I learned to take this profession lightly and boldly in front of the camera: Cesare, my character, had to be a Gascon devoid of feelings and addicted to fun. I went to the audition, after several no’s to which I was not used to because, following “Taxi Lovers”, I thought everything was going downhill. I introduced myself in a light-hearted manner and what you see on the screen was not written on the script, the excerpts were different. I put in the middle the famous series of the hundred reasons why Claudia (Cristiana Capotondi, ed) left me, my own flour. Fausto told me I was crazy and I resigned myself to the idea of ​​a really complex job, imagining yet another refusal. But he finally took me. In commitment, lightheartedness allows you to enjoy every moment beyond responsibility. It is probably the most beautiful teaching ».

In 2019 he was the protagonist of the psychological horror-thriller “Letter H”. How would you describe his character?

«“ Letter H ”, produced by Tonino Abballe of SeDici Cinema, is my jewel, my creature. Dario Germani and I conceived it from scratch, thanks to the screenplay by Andrea Cavaletto, author of Dylan Dog, having completely free rein. The construction of the feature film took place brick by brick. Sebastian is a tormented man, eaten by events and destined to be the victim of existence, of a wear and tear that he has inside and comes from a difficult childhood. He runs away, tries to rebel without success, a message expressed with vigor. The frame is one of the murders of the Monster of Florence, for Seba a mental trip triggered by his car, a second-hand Fiat 127, and is dominated by this paranoid possession. He welcomes her, receives her convinced that it is the way to go to get better while, instead, she will lead him to the end of her and that of Patty (Giulia Todaro, ed), the other protagonist. Dario, who was born as a director of photography, has a brilliant directorial vision, even before shooting he knew what to do and found the missing piece in me, closing the circle that he already had in mind. We were able to complete an entirely Italian and independent work ».

A film genre that, apart from the big names like Dario Argento or the D’Innocenzo brothers, has become rare on the Italian scene.

“Yes, because comedy is easier to write and shoot. And it’s easier for viewers to like it. Niche films are not for everyone, making them is synonymous with artistic audacity. Anything done by professionals with heart and determination, leaving the benefit of the doubt, deserves to be watched. “Letter H” has its place in cinematography and I’m proud of it, I’m happy with the result. I usually use the example of the wicker basket, the meticulous weaving is the result of the wisdom of a craftsman. IS was filmed in the wood of Gattaceca, in Monterotondo, between the dangers and the cold of the month of October. One of the absolute winning points is the profound silence. There was an atmosphere of tension and fear, I did not expect comfort of any kind. Only a camper for make-up and special effects curated by Sergio Stivaletti, who gave us confidence. We have received numerous awards by participating in national and international festivals, from Oregon to Amsterdam passing through the Sanese d’oro to the Terra di Siena ».

Fiction, theater, cinema: what does the future hold for you?

“I have recently finished two theatrical performances: a hilarious comedy,” That little crazy thing called love “, on tour for about 6 years now under the direction of Lillo, and mine,” The rules of the game “, directed by Roberto Belli . We deal with an unusual and underestimated topic, the psychological violence suffered by a man in a couple up to psychopathy, asking ourselves how far a sick relationship can go. An accurate and specific dramaturgy that focuses on the story of a person in love, dominated by his woman, who will make him an obsessive compulsive with obsessive attention towards objects with which he will take revenge on the evil she caused him. In the difficulties he has a corporal tic and there is a sort of deception towards the public about his illness, he leaves reality and enters psychosis on the edge of play and misunderstanding. A beautiful yet tiring adventure, from 4 to 7 January next we will be staged at the Capitoline theater in Tor Bella Monaca. The future intention, together with Dario Germani, is to create an adaptation for the big screen ».

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