We are all Jordan Peterson

hWe have been asleep for too long, busy with “our thing”, looking down at ourselves, trusting in the welfare state with all its addictive distractions, allowing others to think for us and impose fallacious and genocidal ideas and theories on us. We have allowed ourselves to be dragged along by the psychopathic politicians of the day, by the ambitious sold-out scientists, by the renegade doctors of the Hippocratic oath, by the sorrowful media and sowers of lies, by the forces of order at the service of the tyranny imposed by the sociopaths. chosen al hoc for this stage at the end of the cycle, of a mortally wounded humanity that bleeds to death, agonizes and drinks from its own vomit. Now, the bomb has exploded in our faces, without knowing what to do or say, where to go and where to take refuge, because almost everything is prohibited, censored, poisoned and contaminated. While we slept to the lullaby of the siren’s song, the enemies made their way with their Trojan horse of a thousand colors, much larger and more replete and harmful than that of the achaeans of the Peloponnese protagonists of the historical mythical event.

Do you remember when months ago it was said, without any embarrassment, in the social communist ranks that judges had to be taught in “re-education” workshops to know how to judge cases of gender, the delusions of yes is yes, trans imbalances and the universe Foucauldian generally? It was not an occurrence or a blunder by narrow-minded politicians and calcified neurons, but rather a full-fledged intention, to impose the investment of values ​​that the world dictatorship that leads the, until recently, most sacred UN and that pollutes any human environment. The black and elongated shadow of the 2030 Agenda obscures any loophole of what is manifested on this plane. That is why we are forced to name it in each text, whatever the subject. Well, this genocidal and dystopian program of the Machiavellian masters of the world encompasses everything, devised in the infernal sewers of the worshipers of the Beast; These tables of the law are flooded with their sculpted 17 satanic commandments to destroy humanity and turn it into a deformed mass of beings moved by circuits, little monsters unaware of Good and Evil, devoid of spirit, disconnected from the Light and devoid of the slightest reminiscence of Gracia.

We are all Jordan Peterson

What has been expressed in previous paragraphs affects all of us, whether we are aware of it or not, especially those of us who have something to say, something to lose, and who do not give in to manipulation and lies. The psychologists of the world should feel a pang in the heart when a colleague is publicly humiliated, censored and admonished, not for breaching the code of ethics but for political differences and not using inclusive language, or “misusing it” , according to the sect of the genre. This is the case of Canadian Jordan Peterson, psychologist, emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Ontario and writer of self-help books, who was ordered by the university itself to undergo a Continuing Education or Specific Remedial Program (SCERP, for its acronym in English), under penalty of definitively losing his license to practice and avoiding a million-dollar fine from the State. In 2018 he had agreed to undergo a plan to improve his clinical practice. The curious thing is that these “indoctrinations” are taught in the College of Psychologists itself, by “experts” in inclusive language and mental health professionals, that is, by their own colleagues, but duly instructed; one more proof of the pressures and tentacles of Power in the institutions.

The sad reality is that there is an entire smear and legal campaign against Jordan Peterson, allegedly with false allegations and supporting “actors” who have never been his patients. Given this, the mental health professional has threatened to make “every word of this legal battle totally public.” That’s how things are. In all honesty, it must be recognized that our guild is experiencing a deserved loss of prestige, having integrated the entire feminist fallacy. Those who say that we are sold out are not without reason, since the Enlightenment, when psychology ceased to be a science of the soul to join materialistic medicine.

In the Peterson case, it rains it pours. In 2016, the Canadian government submitted a bill to amend Canada’s Human Rights Act to include the personal pronouns “she and you” as state-protected expressions. At that time, Peterson publicly expressed his opposition to the nonsense and to the law going ahead, an idea that was supported by thousands of his followers, becoming a prominent influencers of the conservative faction. Even so, they failed to reverse the process, and Law C16 was enacted in 2021. But the psychologist Peterson had been in the crosshairs of radical feminists and the entire leftist LGTBI conglomerate for years. This law added the protection of gender identity and hate crime to the Penal Code, with the imposition of high fines and even imprisonment for not using inclusive language or deviating from the guidelines in the slightest.

Jordan Peterson is accused of being a denier, sexist, transphobic and an opponent of the official lie about climate change. The same charges for which many of us would be put on the bench or sent to the “re-education camp.” Peterson suspects that the trigger was his allusion on her social media to actress Ellen Page with the female pronoun, since she has become transgender and now considers herself a man. For this reason, his twitter account had already been suspended, which Elon Musk reactivated when he took over the company. In this regard, the Neuralink tycoon, who brings us so much head over heels with the transhumanist interface and neuromodulation, said that the attitude of the university seemed to him an “extremely worrying” matter.

In Canada, as in Spain and in almost the entire world, conversion therapies are also prohibited at the request of the patient. If we do, we commit one of the new crimes. A few days ago, some images showed the arrest of a woman who was praying “mentally” in the vicinity of an abortion clinic. Praying in public is a crime, except for Muslims. They are global policies to comply with the 2030 Agenda, which are being imposed in exchange for funds. In the end, everything is corruption.

Aside from the whole gender issue, Jordan Peterson had recently become a pain in the neck for Justin Trudeau’s government, for his many criticisms of the restrictive measures during the pandemic and other important issues. Gerald Butts said of his former secretary that he was an “incredibly corrupt and incendiary fool.” Today, he collaborates with conservative political journalist and lawyer Ben Shapiro, creator of the outlet The Daily Wire.

Many agree that the Ontario College of Psychologists should examine itself. Peterson stated that he will not comply with the reprimand and has requested a judicial review of the university’s disciplinary proceedings. Meanwhile, the number of defenders is growing, and the opinions of prominent intellectuals are growing. The writer and politician Conrad Black says about the case: “The defamatory charges against Jordan Peterson should be ‘discarded like a dead mouse.’ […] This procedure is a shame, an outrage and an affront to all thinking people…”. For his part, the author and political commentator, Rex Murphy, declared: “Jordan Peterson’s enemies need to have their heads examined.” They are right in their expressions. We add that the puppets and those who pull the strings should be put on the bench, condemned and locked up in a maximum security prison. But since that is asking for the impossible – at least for the moment – ​​we must continue working for the good and the just. If we unite consciences, we can still reverse their dark purposes. I’m sure. It’s not too late to wake up. They know it, and that’s why they act like wild beasts.

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