What did Amparín Serrano die of? This is what is known about his unexpected death

Karla Panini He has returned to star in a new controversy with the family of his ex-partner carla moon after the former washerwoman and wife of Americo Garza upload a photograph with the daughters of the late comedian to congratulate Sarah Valentina Garza for his graduation; however, the conflict came when Ruben Rodriguez Luna eldest son of carla intervened.

The lawsuit between Karla Panini and Ruben Rodriguez Luna It happened when in said publication, an Internet user expressed her wishes for the girl to be able to see her mother’s family, assuring that they are likely to miss her.

Given this, panini replied that she and her husband, Americo Garza, doubt that this can happen, because the family of Moon he would have had multiple opportunities to see the girls; however, they have not done so and have preferred to continue with their media shows, gossip and scandals.

“If you say this here, it is certain that my sisters live believing the same story, what you say, ‘if we don’t see them is for something’, it is true and that something is not a lack of desire, it is not the opinion of the judge , nor the law, it is you who do not take my sisters to the gatherings that are already dictated“, said Reuben.

As it was expected, panini responded to the accusations by assuring that Reuben It was “ridiculous” for exposing this situation on social networks to remain as victims, but the thing did not stop there, he also mentioned that he only caused problems for the late comedian, as well as his “psychopath” sister.

“Ridiculous! Fight tell me things in front or by phone! Your whole family has our contacts! Aaah but no! It’s better, on networks because you and your ridiculous family get financial benefit, they’ve always done it that way, stop fooling people with your house and your “victim” pose that no one believes you anymore!

Get to pulling Boy! That in your mother’s life you only gave her problems, no pride, neither you nor your psychopathic sister, they only took money from her and they all continue to do so. If the young man is such a “little man, look for my husband and stop bickering on social networks, I repeat!!! Look for my husband! That he is the one who has all the authority and the law is and has been on his side.

Stop deceiving people, they are a “united and exemplary family” they make me and all of us who know them well laugh a lot. Your aunt? Your aunt what? That nefarious and ridiculous woman has only become our buffoon so you know and pass it on to her. Don’t change things yourself! Neither you! Why don’t you tell people that you and your family wanted the same “affordable” deal so you could “leave” americo see your daughters! Did your mom just die? Because they don’t tell people that from the beginning MY HUSBAND looked for them to do things right.

Aaah nooo! The “holy and exemplary family” prefers to make media circuses because they don’t know how to work!! Because the only one who worked was your mom. And she supported all of you! She complained about it a thousand times, not only with me. Clown!” she finished. panini.

After the long message in which Karla Panini replied to Reubenhe answered in Instagram saying that he was not disrespectful to panini and he would not have told any lies about the legal situation about his sisters either.

Finally, Reuben ended his message questioning how a person like Karla Panini can talk about his relationship with his mother, when in life she blamed panini and her ex-husband of being “an illness in her life.”

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What did Amparín Serrano die of? This is what is known about his unexpected death