What do we want to see in season 3 of ‘Euphoria’

    To say that ‘Euphoria’ is one of the best series in recent HBO history is debatable, although we are willing to assure it. What is an objective fact is that it is one of the series that has generated the most noise and attention, a thesis that can be supported with data.

    According to HBO itself, the series created, directed and written by Sam Levinson is the network’s second most watched fiction since 2004 (It is surpassed, of course, by ‘Game of Thrones’). When the second season ended in February, HBO reported that each episode had an average of 16.3 million viewers, a figure that will have been rising every month. In addition, Twitter announced that ‘Euphoria’ is also the series that has generated the most tweets of the decade (that is, of the two and a half years that we have been in it).

    With these data in mind, it is not uncommon for HBO to renew it for a third season. One that we will not see, probably, until 2024. As he said head makeup artist Doniella Davy, there is a possibility that it will start shooting at the end of this year, and the crew takes about a month to shoot each episode. If the season has eight episodes like the previous two, it is clear that we will not see it finished until more than a year later. That is to say, that we wait seated.

    Meanwhile, we have no choice but to guess what we will see in that third season. The second season of ‘Euphoria’ left us with many unanswered questions, and we assume that many of them will be taken up in a new stage of episodes for which we still do not know an official synopsis. Beyond the obvious mysteries (Is Ashtray really dead? What will happen to Fezco?), we still have many questions to answer. Several relationships are going through a rough patch (Rue and Jules, Cassie with pretty much everyone) and there are characters we want to see more of (especially Kat).

    So we can’t wait to see how this continues. original high school fiction in which teenagers lead perhaps too wild lives (full of drugs and sex)but that have undoubtedly touched a key in the new generations.

    The third season, by the way, could be the last. Keep in mind that the actors, including Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, Angus Cloud, Jacob Elordi, Maude Apatow, Alexa Demie or Barbie Ferreira, are beginning to be around thirty. And they’re supposed to be playing high school students. While this is nothing we haven’t seen in plenty of high school fiction, HBO content chief Casey Bloys said in an interview with TVLine that “Nobody wants to see thirty-somethings playing high school students”. Still, he later elaborated on his statement and said that he leaves it up to Levinson and the show’s crew what to do about it.

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Addiction dramas always have a problem: Watching a person repeat unhealthy behaviors and repeat the same mistakes over and over again isn’t very cinematic. In the case of Rue, the series began with her coming back from a rehabilitation center without having solved her problems, and at the end of the first season she fell back down the well of addiction.

Rue had put much of the weight of her happiness on Jules, and when it failed her, she turned to drugs. The path of an addicted person has to go through knowing, accepting and loving themselves, and not depending on anything or anyone to feel good. At the end of the second season, after a painful episode (which will probably earn Zendaya her second Emmy), we saw Rue strangely calm.

It was tremendously emotional to witness her attitude during the last episodes, defeated but willing to rebuild her life (and laughing and getting emotional seeing Lexi’s work). After seeing her suffer (and hurt those around her), it would be nice and hopeful to see Rue get control of her addiction, just like Sam Levinson himself did in his real life..

What will happen to the damn briefcase

However, we cannot forget the unfinished business that Rue has with Laurie, the “nice” drug dealer played by Martha Kelly. Rue may be willing to escape her drug addiction, but it may be more difficult for her to escape a debt of 10,000 dollars with a criminal who is also dedicated to white slavery. As Oda Mae Brown told Molly in ‘Ghost’: “Rue, you in danger, girl”.

Justice for Kat (and for Jules)

We will all agree that the great disappointment of the second season was the dismissal of Kat, one of the best characters of the first season. Apart from the rumors of disagreements between the actress Barbie Ferreira and Levinson, it is clear that ‘Euphoria’ is a very choral series in which some characters are sometimes relegated to the background in favor of others, and that has happened with Kat. But in the third season we want more time for her, a deeper exploration of her interesting conflicts as a teenager with a non-normative body, and more opportunities for Ferreira to shine as an actress.

And this has been less commented, but the truth is that Jules has not shone as a character in the second stage either. After pretty much co-starring and even having her own special episode of hers, co-written by Hunter Schafer, Jules has moved on to being a plot-adjacent to Rue. And that’s a waste of one of the most complex and thought-provoking trans characters on television. We want to go back to the inner world of Jules, beyond her relationship with Rue.

One of the great surprises of the second season was this unexpected relationship, which brought together two very different characters. Lexi and Fezco are, each in their own way, two “outsiders”, and on the margins they have found each other and started to develop a very adorable connection.. But the tragedy in Fez’s life may separate them, especially since the young drug dealer has every chance of ending up in jail. Does that mean we’ll lose sight of Fez? Many viewers would be upset, and rightfully so.

Maude Apatow, the actress who plays Lexi, told Entertainment Weekly that she is looking forward to the story with Fez moving forward. “I mean, I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think it’s very refreshing when the relationship feels so innocent and sweet, like the last episode we saw. [el episodio 6]They don’t even kiss. They just hold hands, theirs is being built very slowly”.

“And I think, in contrast to a lot of things that happen on the show that are so extreme, this relationship definitely stands out”he reflected. “But I love working with Angus. I think Angus is a great actor and we have a lot of fun working together. So, for selfish reasons, I hope we can do more scenes together, because it’s fun.”.

If Lexi and Fezco’s relationship was the bright surprise of the second season of ‘Euphoria’, Cassie falling in love with her best friend’s boyfriend, an abusive psychopath as well, was quite the opposite. Cassie’s fall into hell made us discover what a great actress Sydney Sweeney is and caused some of the most memorable (and “meme-rable”) moments of the year, but it also made us suffer a lot..

Will we see Cassie instantly and miraculously forget about Nate and go on her own journey of self-discovery to start valuing, respecting and loving herself? We would love. But as the wise Gia Gunn said, “well, what you want to do isn’t necessarily what you’re going to do.” We already know that Sam Levinson loves to make us suffer, so we’ll see what he has in store for us.

Additionally, Sweeney herself has stated that she would prefer to continue playing the darkness within Cassie. She said so in an interview with Variety: “There was a piece of Cassie that I got to play when she started saying in a scene with Nate that she was crazier than Maddy. And then she got more mean and crazy and serious, and not so frantic. I would love to play more of that vein that she has within her”.

Storm Reid has needed little screen time to fall in love. Rue’s little sister is one of those characters that moves us with few gestures and words, and her situation as a direct victim of all the drama that her sister has created is a very interesting terrain in which Levinson could find a story to tell.. How does a teenager manage the weight of responsibility and resentment and at the same time try to find her own path at such an important moment for the construction of her own identity?

Perhaps the biggest problem is the time that passes between seasons in ‘Euphoria’ (probably because Levinson insists on writing and directing the entire series by himself, and also because of Zendaya’s busy schedule), and that shows in the growth of the young actors of the series. Storm Reid is already 19 years old, while in the Gia series she is about 13 years old. And if the third season is recorded throughout 2023 (it is most likely), the actress will already take about 7 years out of her character. This could make Levinson decide to leave Gia in the background so that we don’t notice the age difference too much. It would be a shame.

Special episodes starring other characters

One of the solutions for this problem, which not only affects Reid but also the rest of the cast (Zendaya will be 27 years old in 2024, and in fiction she is just 10 less), is produce more special episodes that serve as transitions between seasons. In this way, justice could be done to some of the most forgotten characters or give the most secondary characters, such as Gia, the opportunity to shine. And taking into account the great quarry of characters that ‘Euphoria’ has, the special episodes could be starring others other than Rules or Jules.

One of the novelties of the second season was Faye, the young drug addict who ended up living with Fezco and Ashtray. A character who could have simply served as comic relief but who stole our hearts, largely thanks to the vulnerability and charm of Chloe Cherry, the actress who plays her.

Faye was involved in the plot that ended Ashtray’s life, but Fezco should remember that the girl eventually betrayed her boyfriend, Custer, to try and tip them off that he was in cahoots with the police. We would love to see Faye in other types of plots and relating to more characters in the series..

It is clear that the director of ‘Savage Nation’ and ‘Malcolm & Marie’ has a fascinating vision and is capable of telling stories that move us. In ‘Euphoria’ he has built some of the best episodes of television fiction in recent yearssuch as ‘Shook Ones Pt II’ (aka “the one at the fair”), ‘Stand Still Like the Hummingbird’ (aka “when Zendaya broke our hearts”) or ‘The Theater and Its Double’ (aka “the best play theater institute of history”).

In the third season we want Levinson to go back to doing what he does best: blow our heads off. We won’t always like what he does, but what is clear is that he will never leave us indifferent.

To Nate on the road to redemption

We love to love bad guys, at least in fiction. And Jacob Elordi’s performance makes a part of us unable to hate Nate, despite all the horrible things we’ve seen him do..

At the end of the second season, the troubled young man hands his father over to the police, which could be the beginning of a long road to redemption: if he is able to stop forgiving his father’s crimes, he may be able to try to change and stop repeating harmful behaviors. A Nate apologizing to Maddy, Cassie and Jules for the damage he has done to them? It would be an interesting, complex plot and a great source of drama, I mean, perfect for ‘Euphoria’.

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What do we want to see in season 3 of ‘Euphoria’