What to see today on TV? Saturday January 28, 2023

15.00 U/ Movistar Premieres


Spain, 2022 (120 minutes). Director: Carla Simon. Performers: Jordi Pujol Dolcet, Anna Otín, Xenia Roset.

The Golden Lion at the Berlin Festival endorses the undoubted quality of this moving generational drama that breathes truth in all its footage thanks, above all, to the impeccable direction of Carla Simón, a director who surprised the international scene with her debut, the awarded Summer 1993. The story, which exudes truth and realism, rests on the story of a family that is about to lose the land they have been cultivating for eighty years. A disconcerting situation that each of its components faces as best they can.

13.05 / Be Mad

‘Two Ride Together’

Two rode together. United States, 1961 (104 minutes). Director: John Ford. Cast: James Stewart, Richard Widmark, Shirley Jones.

Despite the fact that at first the teacher Ford did not believe too much in the possibilities of this story, a western full of quality and with the magnificent work of its two main actors -with James Stewart giving life to a cynical and corrupt sheriff and Richard Widmark to a naive army lieutenant – who reminds us on many occasions of the mythical desert centaurs. Very good.

15.30 / The Sixth

New appointment with ‘Aruser@s Weekend’

For four and a half hours live, Alfonso Arús continues on Saturday afternoons with his consolidated team of collaborators in Auser@s Weekend. He will be accompanied at the table by Angie Cárdenas-executive producer-, María Moya, Patricia Benítez, Marc Redondo, Tatiana Arús, Alba Gutiérrez, Alba Sánchez, Arthur Arús and Rocío Cano, Xavi Rodríguez, Montse Vidal, Evelyn Segura, Marta Altarriba and Andrés Guerra who will share fresh, carefree content and comments with the presenter with great complicity.

16.15 / DAZN

Catalan derby in Montilivi: Girona-Barcelona

After their two close victories in LaLiga (1-0 at home against Getafe and Real Sociedad) and with a very close lead (three points separate them from Real Madrid), Barcelona visited Montiliv, a stadium that they are traditionally good at, to face Girona. Michel’s team is having a fairly regular season, although they have just lost their last league match at Villareal’s home. In addition, today you can see three other league games, Cádiz-Mallorca (Movistar La Liga, 2:00 p.m.), Sevilla-Elche (Movistar La Liga, 6:30 p.m.) and Getafe-Betis (DAZN, 9:00 p.m.).

18.00 / Movistar Tarantino Universe

‘The piano’

The piano. United States, 1993 (115 minutes). Director: Jane Campion. Cast: Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill.

Jane Campion went back to the 19th century to situate the action of this acclaimed gothic-romantic drama that achieved a resounding critical-commercial success (Palme d’Or and female performance award at Cannes, and winner of three Oscars). Excellent cast, successful setting and the unforgettable music of Nyman.

19.20 / 1

‘Take it’

Spain, 1972 (86 minutes). Director Louis Lucia. Performers: Marisol, Roberto Camardiel.

Third meeting of Luis Lucia and Marisol. It narrates the escapades of a singing girl who manages to get her kidnappers to return her safe and sound. She doesn’t, although she will have her audience to the sound of “life is a raffle ton ton raffle of light and color”.

21.30 / 1

‘Weekly report’ recalls the Angrois tragedy

This new installment of Weekly report opens with a report The Angrois curve: judgment keys, in which he reviews the tragedy of the Alvia train accident near Santiago, which occurred on July 24, 2013, and analyzes and gives the keys to the judicial process that began 9 years ago. The report reviews the tragedy that occurred at the height of the Galician municipality of Angrois, on the A Grandeira curve, just 3 kilometers from the capital of Compostela and details a prolonged instruction for 9 years. The program also dedicates part of its broadcast to Spanish cinema, which last year was present in all the international competitions. The program analyzes the renewed maturity of an industry in which voices as powerful as directors Carla Simón, who already received the Golden Bear at the Berlinale with Alcarràs, and Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, director of five little wolves or, also, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, author of Ace beasts.

21.45 / The Sixth

Generation gap, in ‘laSexta Xplica’

This week, in the Sixth Explica, José Yélamo will analyze the generational gap between young and old. Together with the group of explanatory experts, he will try to see how both generations understand each other and answer questions such as whether they speak the same language, whether parents had it easier than their children, what are the dangers that young people face, how do they affect the social networks to their day to day, how they perceive their future.

22.00 / Movistar Premieres

‘The volunteer’

Spain, 2022 (99 minutes). Director: Nely Reguera. Performers: Carmen Machi, Itsaso Arana, Delia Brufau.

For her second work behind the camera, Nely Reguera poses a credible and profound drama about the role played by aid workers in refugee camps. With the intention of “avoiding a portrait of the white savior”, according to its director, the film has a great ally, Carmen Machi, perfect for giving life to a recently retired doctor who decides to go to the Malakasa refugee camp (Greece) as an aid worker. . There she meets a reality that she would never have imagined and that makes her rethink her life.

22.00 / Be Mad

‘The professionals’

The professionals. United States, 1966 (112 minutes). Director: Richard Brooks. Cast: Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster, Claudia Cardinale, Jack Palance.

Gorgeous western Directed by Richard Brooks, it tells the story of four gunmen who are hired by one of the richest men in the region to rescue his wife, kidnapped by a Mexican revolutionary. Cast and direction of luxury for a film heavily influenced by Peckinpah and with large doses of bitterness. Essential.

22.00 / Telecinco

Double delivery of ’25 words’

It has been to arrive and kiss the saint. In this double installment of 25 words, in his second and last jump to the strip of primetime, one of the four contestants will win the special prize of 50,000 euros at the last second that the program has put in the pot for this double installment. On this occasion, the contest that Christian Gálvez will have the participation of four celebrities who will help the contestants to overcome the different tests of the program: Paz Padilla, Elena Furiase, Eduardo Casanova and Laura Sánchez.

22.05 / 1

‘Erin Brockovich’

United States, 2000 (130 minutes). Director: Steven Soderbergh. Cast: Julia Roberts, Albert Finney, Aaron Eckhart.

Attractive drama based on a real case (the fight for the largest compensation ever achieved in the history of the United States) and made by Steven Soderbergh to the exact measure of its main actress, Julia Roberts. Her great work—giving life to a woman who will become the embodiment of the power of the human spirit capable of overcoming the greatest obstacles—earned her a well-deserved Oscar. To highlight, the presence of a very successful Albert Finney in the role of lawyer Ed Masry (nominated for an Oscar).

22.45 / Divinity

Arrives ‘The revenge of Iffet’

She thought she had a perfect life, until the man she planned to marry and start a family abused her and also betrayed her with her best friend. Desperate and without the support of her father, the young woman will try to carve out a future for herself while she swears revenge on those who hurt her. This is the central axis of Iffet’s Revenge adaptation of the 1982 film of the same name. Deniz Çakır and İbrahim Çelikkol, give life to the leading duo in this adaptation of the 1982 film of the same name set in Istanbul, Sold to more than forty countries around the world, it is also an international phenomenon .

23.35 / The 2

Tribute to the victims of World War II

At the end of World War II hundreds of thousands of orphaned or lost children are victims of the postwar period. They will be displaced, torn from their adoptive families, or stolen by countries that want to repopulate them. A few months before the same year the liberation of Auschwitz took place. This week The theme nightlook back with the documentaries children of chaos which, thanks to the exclusive testimonies of French, Polish, German and American witnesses, unpublished files and diaries of doctors and workers, analyzes how it is possible to tell the tragedy of the lost children of war, and, at its end, 1944: should we bomb Auschwitz?a hard story about the famous and dark German concentration camp.

0.03 / Hollywood

‘Top secret’

United States, 1984 (86 minutes). Directors: Jim Abrahams and David Zucker. Cast: Val Kilmer, Omar Sharif.

Hilarious and crazy production that is among the best of the Abrahams-Zucker tandem. An imaginative spy comedy with some very funny gags that recalls the old spy movies set in the Cold War and, incidentally, Elvis Presley’s musical comedies. Even the almost always mediocre Val Kilmer is fine.

0.05 / The 1

‘Million dollar Baby’

United States, 2004 (127 minutes). Director: Clint Eastwood. Int.: Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Jay Baruchel.

Clint Eastwood made this masterful and atypical story about the world of boxing, in which its two protagonists seek a new opportunity in life: the father (Eastwood himself), who longs for a lost daughter, and the girl (Hilary Swank). , who wants to turn his dream of boxing into a reality. As a link between the two, an expugile (Morgan Freeman) who will be his great support point. A masterpiece that won four well-deserved Oscars: film, director, actress and supporting actor.

1.47 // #0

‘In the line of fire’

In the line of fire. United States, 1993 (123 minutes). Director: Wolfgang Petersen. Cast: Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich, Rene Russo.

Film tailored to the needs of Clint Eastwood, now giving life to a bodyguard who, after the attack in Dallas against the president of the United States, has a second chance (now he will have to face a dangerous psychopath who embodies a magnificent John Malkovich). wolfgang petersen (The perfect Storm), With a script by Jeff Maguire (Timeline), it covers the entire plot with a well-understood classicism without excesses, which gives the film a special warmth.

3.20 / Be Mad


United States, 1996 (141 minutes). Director: Barry Levinson. Cast: Robert de Niro, Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt.

A group of marginalized young people who move in the so-called Hell’s Kitchen, a troubled neighborhood in New York, will find their bones in a harsh reformatory that will mark them for the rest of their days. Hard but wonderful story in which Barry Levinson, director, among others, of rain man either Good morning, Vietnam, managed to mix the seniority of actors like Dustin Hoffman or Robert de Niro with the youth and freshness of Brad Pitt or Jason Patrick. An attractive adaptation of the controversial bestseller by Lorenzo Calcaterra Children of the street. Very well narrated and with some luxury interpretations.

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What to see today on TV? Saturday January 28, 2023