When the psychopath is not even 20 years old

Books, clinical studies, news, talks with criminal lawyers and psychologists… During the creative process of the work, the members of the young company that is working under the orders of Jose Martret in “#The wrath”. Even attended the real trial of Patrick Nogueira, the media dismemberer of Pioz who is serving a sentence for the murder of his uncles and their two children. Because the six actors (Candela Arestegui, Lucía Arestegui, Albino Hernández, Ana Lucas, Alba Rico and Julieta Toribio), with ages between 20 and 24, are not limited in this proposal to interpretation; They have also dealt with the dramatic writing of a function that tries to investigate the social responsibility of a psychopathological phenomenon as disconcerting to the experts themselves as psychopathy.

It has been very hard sometimes; Some of the girls confessed to me at the beginning that she ended up with an upset stomach every day, ”says Martret. He has been in charge of guiding them through the intricacies of a dramaturgy -in this work the young woman has also joined the cast Belen– in which “testimonials and real phrases” have a lot of weight. “It has been a more experimental and freer work than others –says the director–. We started with just one idea; the text was going to be written and developed by the actors based on their own reasoning. The structure, the scenery, the costumes…, everything has been decided based on their proposals”.

Although there is something that Martret was clear from the beginning: “I didn’t want a drop of blood on stage; I wanted to escape from the most morbid aspect, and generate all the images of horror in the viewer’s head”. After all, “#LaIRA” is not a thriller or anything like that, but a piece of documentary theater that wants to place the viewer in front of a serious real problem that not even the most advanced societies yet know how to tackle.

“Some recent studies conclude that the brain of psychopaths is different –explains the director of the play–, and they suggest that emotional stress in childhood precipitates the over-maturation of some brain regions, as a protection system against suffering. That protection ends up also making it difficult to manage emotions and the loss of empathy and remorse.”

And it’s that lack of empathy and remorse that makes psychopaths dangerously amoral. Wanting to think about it, the play addresses 13 real cases of crimes committed by people between the ages of 11 and 24 who have been diagnosed as psychopaths. “The function does not try, far from it, to provide solutions –clarifies Martret–; but, since the scientific community begins to warn us today about how some family and affective patterns are repeated in these psychopaths, we would like to open a debate on whether we are providing as a society some tool to try to prevent the problem”.

Where: Canal Theaters (Black Room). Madrid.

When: from 13 to 17 January.

How much: from 20 euro.

When the psychopath is not even 20 years old