Who is who in “Ellas soy yo”, the series about Gloria Trevi

A few days ago the start of recordings in Mexico City of “”, the bioseries based on the life of the controversial singer who 18 years ago was involved in a case of corruption of minors with her manager for which he went to prison.

Production is developed by Carla Estrada and will tell the “official version” of the controversial case, in addition to collecting several important moments in like her beginnings and relationships with other artists, which were approved by the singer from Monterrey herself.

At the moment, there are several details of the project that are not yet known, such as the premiere date, the time or the means by which the series will be broadcast. However, the full cast of the production has already been confirmed.

Gloria Trevi is a controversial Mexican actress and singer (Photo: Gloria Trevi / Instagram)


Regina Villaverde is Gloria Trevi

The actress will be in charge of interpreting during her adolescence, between the ages of 14 and 21, when the singer took her first steps in music.

It’s my first experience as an actress, so it’s a great challenge for me, but also a great opportunity to learn a lot. Today we start the recordings and I feel very excited. There were many people at the casting, I was nervous, but I gave it my all and here I am. It took several months of work, learning about her life, what she has experienced. It was not easy, but this left me with a lot of teaching and happiness, because I know it is a great project and I am very grateful for all the production.Regina stated.

Scarlet Gruber as adult Gloria Trevi

On her social networks, the Venezuelan actress announced that she will join the production playing Gloria Trevi in their adult stage.

I can scream it now! My loves, it was worth the wait, many have asked me when the leading role would arrive and I always answered that it was in God’s hands. Definitely, God’s timing is perfect and everything comes in due time.”, he indicated.

Jorge Poza is César Augusto (Sergio Andrade)

Although the reasons why the production has avoided using the name of Sergio Andradethe truth is that the manager will be identified as César Augusto and played by Jorge Poza, remembered for his time in “Iron soul” Y “dark desire”.

The character, rather than building it, was simply giving it shape, because it already has a psychology. It is simply giving it shape and features, giving it a face and simply interpreting. His thing comes from within, it’s something very complex… he’s a psychopath and narcissist”, assured Poza.

Ingrid Martz will be Mrs. Gloria Ruiz

The 43-year-old Mexican actress, remembered for her participation in “Mujeres engañadas” and “Storm in Paradise”, will play the mother of Gloria Trevi during the 80s.

Lessy Hernandez

The young actress graduated from the CEA of Televisa will give life to one of Gloria Trevi’s first friends in Monterrey.

Lessy Hernández will have one of her first experiences in "they are me" (Photo: Lessy/Instagram)

Lessy Hernández will have one of her first experiences in “Ellas soy yo” (Photo: Lessy / Instagram)

Majo Edgar, Pamela Vargas, Paulina Maya and Ivanna Benítez

The actresses will be in charge of interpreting the classmates of César Augusto (Sergio Mayer) in high school.

Ignacio López Tarso as Trevi’s grandfather

A few weeks ago, the actor denounced that Televisa and other media have forgotten him, for which the producer Carla Díaz confirmed him as part of the cast, giving life to Gloria Trevi’s grandfather.

They don’t call me. Television and cinema have completely forgotten me. What I’m doing I do virtual through the internet. They all know me very well, they can call me, (but) none of them have been interested”, he commented.

The veteran actor will give life to Gloria Trevi's grandfather (Photo: Ignacio López Tarso / Facebook)

The veteran actor will give life to Gloria Trevi’s grandfather (Photo: Ignacio López Tarso / Facebook)


The scandal in which she was involved Gloria Trevi it set a precedent in the country, as it was the first time that an artist was related to human trafficking and crimes against minors.

Indeed, the producer Carla Estrada He highlighted his intentions to support awareness against these evils and that they be denounced, in addition to revealing that they will start a campaign supported by the Citizen Council, the National Polytechnic Institute and the Televisa Foundation.

Who is who in “Ellas soy yo”, the series about Gloria Trevi