Who is who in the crime of María Marta García Belsunce

Basically, they return to something that the victim’s family considered from the beginning: that a group of people broke into the house to steal, that they were surprised by the unexpected and early arrival of María Marta (she had gone to play tennis, but the rain expedited her return) and that she recognized one or more of the robbers, which is why they shot her to death.

In this third trial for the crime, prosecutors Ferrari, Andrés Quintana and Federico González aim to show that Pachelo killed María Marta with six bullets to the head when he surprised him robbing his house on October 27, 2002, and with the collaboration of the former vigilantes Norbert Glennon (57) and Joseph Ortiz (45), also imputed in this debate.


Nicolás Pachelo is imprisoned and accused of killing García Belsunce

  • Irene Hurtig: Maria Marta’s half-sister. At first, she was not on the list of defendants of prosecutor Molina Pico. But, in an unforeseen turn, the prosecutors Daniel Márquez and Leonardo Loiterstein asked the Judge of Guarantees of San Isidro Ricardo Costa for their arrest, in the residual case that continued in the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) No. 2 of Pilar, after the widower was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Buenos Aires Chamber of Cassation. She was accused of being a co-author of the crime. The request was unsuccessful and Irene was never even prosecuted.


  • John Hurtig: Maria Marta’s half brother. It was he who found the famous “pituto” on the bathroom floor, which was nothing more than the twisted lead of the bullet that had ricocheted off the victim. After consulting with the widower and other relatives, they threw him into the toilet. For this action, Molina Pico accused him of a cover-up. He was convicted, was imprisoned for 15 days and paid bail to be released. Finally, in 2019, he was acquitted.


  • Horacio Garcia Belsunce (h): brother of María Marta. He also participated in what was called “the pituto meeting” in the case. Molina Pico accused him of a cover-up. He was convicted. He was imprisoned 15 days. In May of this year he was acquitted. The Oral Court No. 1 of San Isidro based its decision on the prescription of the criminal action, since more than eight years passed without the sentence becoming final.



  • William Bartoli: husband of Irene Hurtig and brother-in-law of María Marta. He was one of the first people to arrive at the house, after Carrascosa. Molina Pico accused him of a cover-up. He was convicted. He died in 2014 of cancer, before the prescription acquittal that he also ruled for the other convicts could be applied.



  • Santiago Biassi: the second doctor to arrive at the crime scene. According to his testimony, when he arrived at the scene, in an ambulance from the Emernort emergency company, where he worked, his colleague Juan Gauvry Gordon had already examined the body. According to him, he had the sensation of having arrived at a scene allegedly “set up” by the relatives themselves. He said they tried to convince him that the death was the result of an accident.
  • Juan Ramón Gauvry Gordon: first emergency doctor who checked the victim in the country house, minutes after the homicide. He was accused of having collaborated in the cover-up and of telling the masseuse Beatriz Michelini to clean the blood from the crime scene, in addition to not making the corresponding police report for violent death. He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for cover-up. The Cassation judges acquitted him.
  • Serge Binello: neighbor of the country Carmel, also convicted of the alleged cover-up of the murder. In May of this year he was acquitted. The Oral Court No. 1 of San Isidro based its decision on the prescription of the criminal action, since more than eight years passed without the sentence being final.
  • Beatrice Michelini: the masseuse That Sunday, October 27, 2002, she had an appointment to see María Marta at her house. She was at the door of the country waiting to enter because no one answered in the house. When Carrascosa arrived at the house, a guard was standing at the entrance and told him that Michelini was asking to enter. The woman entered the neighborhood. When she arrived at the house, Carrascosa yelled at her to enter her things without her, that María Marta had suffered an accident. Michelini was accused of concealment for having cleaned the bathroom with bleach where they found the body of García Belsunce. But at the trial she was acquitted.


The third trial for the crime of García Belsunce has Carrascosa as a private victim for the first time after being convicted in the oral debate of 2007 for the cover-up of his wife’s crime and in 2009 the Court of Cassation sentenced him to life imprisonment for the homicide and sent him to jail. He was finally acquitted in 2016 and this Friday he will testify as a witness.

This will be the second time that María Marta’s widower will face Pachelo in the context of an oral trial, but with the roles reversed, since in the 2007 debate he was the accused and his neighbor a witness, and now, 15 years later, Carrascosa is a particular victim and witness and the former poker player, accused.


A witness assured this Monday that Francis Pachelo He told him that his brother Nicolás “killed María Marta (García Belsunce) and his own father”, and described the current defendant for the homicide as “a criminal” and that “his whole life was like that”.

Is about michael taylorson of the marriage of Enrique Taylor and Nora Burgues and godson of Carlos Carrascosa, who testified as a witness in the third trial for the crime of María Marta García Belsunce before the Oral Criminal Court 4 of San Isidro.

The young man assured that, through mutual friends, he met Francisco Pachelo, the fruit of the couple of Robert Pachelo Y Jacqueline Barbarawith whom he met yesterday to tell him that today he was going to appear again as a witness (he also did so in the 2007 and 2011 trials).

“He told me that Nicolás killed María Marta and that his father too, and that they had no deal. When they worked together in the tosquera (of Pilar), Francisco walked with custody and called Nicolás ‘Chucky'”, said Taylor.

The witness added that Francisco Pachelo assured him that “If they knew him (Nicolas) they would know that it was him (the murderer of María Marta), that there is one in 40 million people like him and that he is a psychopath”.

Last week, John Hurtig, María Marta’s brother, had also declared that he had a meeting with Francisco Pachelo and that he confessed that his brother had been the murderer and that he had gone to buy .32 long caliber bullets days before the crime. .

Who is who in the crime of María Marta García Belsunce