Who will be the next victim?

The Next Victim is a film by Skip Schoolnik released on October 31, 1988 in the United States of America.

The main cast of this horror movie were: Bunky Jones, Brittain Frye, Annette Sinclair, George Thomas, Donna Baltron, Scott Fruits, Ria Pavia and Sean Kanan.

It is the story of eight teenagers who decide to break into a furniture store to spend the evening there. Most of them are going to live their last night. One after another they are savagely murdered by a psychopath who seems to enjoy stalking and trapping them like game. Who is he? What are his motives? Who can stop the terrible massacre? »

This 1988 horror film is the daily experience of the Haitian people. But, if in this feature film, it was only eight teenagers who, during one night, were taken hostage by a psychopath, currently in Haiti, it is millions of people who, for years, have been trapped by bandits in the diaspora, in businesses, in private and public institutions as well as those in working-class neighborhoods.

And all this was done under the impotence of reckless authorities who are only in positions to enjoy the privileges of the state. Besides, like all the others, what happened this Saturday, on the road to Tabarre, is one more crime. One crime too many. This was to be the last straw that made the vase of popular anger overflow. It should also be the oil that starts the engine of mobilization to lead to the agitated revolution against the mafia system of this country. Unfortunately, “we are not mounn ankò”.

Under the title: New carnage at Croix-des-Bouquets, the Nouvelliste reports that: Cross-des-Bouquets experienced yet another morning of horror, Saturday August 20, 2022. The first images, filmed by a police officer on board an armored car, are blood-curdling. Devoured by the flames, there is a body, passenger side, perpendicular to a burned jeep. »,

“An an avanse, an avanse,” says a voiceover. About a hundred yards away, another corpse. That of a man, fallen face down, a blue biker helmet nearby. Less than ten meters from him, the lifeless bodies of two men lie on the ground, at the end of their blood. Another video, filmed by a policeman, shows the recovery of the corpses, including that of a woman who wears braids. This woman’s back is burned in places. »

We found two bodies near the vehicle and another inside. We were able to identify two women. It is difficult to identify if the other is also a woman. These people were killed at the entrance to Cité Doudoune, a few meters from the Tabarre bridge, thrown over the Rivière Grise. The three men would be motorcycle taxi drivers “, can we read in this same text.

In 1985, three young people were murdered in Gonaïves. And the city was on a war footing against the dictatorial regime, macoute of Jean-Claude Duvalier. In a few days, the entire Far North and the Far South of the country were on the streets. Finally Port-au-Prince and other communes of the department of the West on January 30 and 31, 1986 joined the great mobilization for the departure of the dictator.

Everything bagay kanpe you. Everything moun you mobilize kont rejim pouri sa. Finally, the dictator was forced to go into exile on February 7, 1986.

Today, priests, pastors, doctors, professors, students, lawyers, journalists, members of parliament, presidents of the Republic, ti machann, etc. are being killed, you say nothing. And you don’t do anything either.

On the contrary, as if nothing had happened, in the style of ‘peyim mache kiteyou continue to dance and have fun in nightclubs, of course, when the bandits give you the opportunity to do so.

Also, while reciting Exodus 14 verse 14, you continue to go to church to worship in spirit and in truth the Great Jehovah. Knowing that the Lord, the God of Armies will fight for you.

As for the politicians of the opposition, always in opposition to itself, they are without a fixed position in the crisis of insecurity which, every day, makes victims in the Haitian families, every day, these politicians “abolocho“, like the insects, vectors of contagious diseases that kill the country, while disturbing the sleep of peaceful citizens, make much more noise in microphones as much as their journalist allies do in their prime time broadcasts of certain media in the metropolitan area of ​​​​Port- to the Prince.

In short, the past weekend, it was a tragic death, unfortunately, the former senator from the South who was killed and burned by bandits. This Saturday, it was the turn of these peaceful citizens, particularly this family, including the photos of the mother and her two daughters which are still viral on social networks. They are killed and like the former senator, burned. And that doesn’t revolt you yet?

Anyway, if you had read and shared this text with your loved ones, it means that you are still very much alive. But, if you do nothing today, who knows tomorrow, who will be the next victim.

The debate is neither for nor against the brave Commissioner of the Department of Nipples. He does what the other authorities in the country cannot do against bandits.

The Commissioner alone cannot resolve the problem of banditry, which has a social, economic and above all political dimension in the country. It is a problem that is beyond him as well as the courageous agents of the PNH. Malerezman tout peyi an ap dòmi.

Faced with this overwhelming observation, I would not say that my people are dying for lack of knowledge. I would say preferably, since my people are zombified, so they die for lack of revolutionary awareness.

Teacher. Esau John the Baptist

Who will be the next victim?