Why Republicans Run Psychopaths

It often happens that comedians express the talent of clarifying with a story or in a few sentences a concept that political scientists or sociologists take pages and pages of a book to explain. In the United States, this is the case of –among others– Bill Maher, the acid host of one of the most popular talk shows on HBO.

In a broadcast of Real Time with Bill Maher in mid-October, the New York commentator addressed the former football player Herschel Walkerthe recalcitrant republican candidate for the elections for a seat in the Senate for the state of Georgia, which will be held on November 8.

Walker has been having the honor of raising (or lowering, depending on how you look at it) the bar with which Republicans measure their representatives. He is no longer just a brutal character like the former president donald trump or the madwoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, representative for the same state of Georgia, conspiracy theorist and anti-Semite. Now she is the turn of a man like Walker, who can be summed up with an anecdote: her platform is furiously anti-abortion, but one of her girlfriends denounced that, in 2009, she paid for him to terminate the pregnancy. her.

The 60-year-old former Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants running back wrote and published a book (Breaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder) in which he claimed to have suffered from dissociative identity disorder, the disease formerly called multiple personality disorder, and to have been “cured” with the help of the “grace of God”.

Although the traditional view of psychology says that mental illnesses like this cannot be cured, but that, at best, you can learn to live with them, Walker repeats in the campaign that – as the title of his book says – he is “free”. of that affliction.

As everyone knows, I had a real battle with mental health.I even wrote a book about it,” the former athlete reminded voters in an ad he launched amid the controversy over the abortion case he paid for his girlfriend.

“By the grace of God, I’m over it,” insisted Walker, who uses the disease to justify past behaviors, from playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun to assault and battery allegations against him.

“How can it be that in a supposedly sophisticated country a person with your resume is chosen” for public office? Maher asked himself on his program. Understanding it “may be more complicated than it seems,” the comedian began to answer, describing Walker as “a fucking idiot on a level almost impossible to parody.” “The easy answer is that (Republicans) are deplorable, ignorant and mean,” he continued. And yes, there is something to that.”

He then went on to the less easy answer and ran to “translate for liberal America” what is really behind the Republicans’ support for their man in Georgia.

Part of the attraction of a Walker or a Trump or “an assorted number of tremendous idiots that the Republicans support,” he said, “is that, in their minds, the badder is a candidate who says to the Democrats, ‘Can you see how much We don’t like what you sell?’”

Maher estimated that in the face of “all that socialism and identity politics, victimhood, hypersensitivity and cancel culture, white self-hatred” and the practice of “forcing complicated ideas about race and gender on children too young to understand them” (i.e. what many Democrats “sell”), to conservative voters “literally anything is better”.

Something like fighting fire with fire, or fighting against the “woke” culture with atrocious soldiers like Walker or Taylor Greene.

That is why, the comedian argued, that “you can be a very bad person” among Republicans and “that will not jeopardize your position” in the party.

According to the presenter, “that is a big difference between the two parties: the Democrats also think that the other side represents an existential threat, but their response is not to nominate psychopaths” with the sole objective of “making an idea clear.”

“The fact that they are not ashamed of this tactic and vote for any monster is a sign of how seriously Republicans take the task of blocking this crap,” Maher completed, referring to the “woke” world, the growing layer of democrats and progressives for whom it cannot be activated without the seal of approval of the establishment of gender politics, sexual identity, racial theory or criticism against social inequality, even if it is reduced to discourse and never translated into facts.

*Former correspondent in Washington and Israel.

He writes on US, Middle Eastern, and trending issues.

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Why Republicans Run Psychopaths