“William Saurin ceases production in France and closes its factories. The food industry destroyed by energy. What will we eat in 2023? “. Editorial by Charles SANNAT

My dear impertinents, dear impertinents,

Well done Mr President.

Bravo to the Mozart of finance. No really, the congratulations of the jury are in order.

Succeeding in France, one of the countries with the most fertile soil, a country of remarkable farmers, a world-renowned agri-food industry, so succeeding, in France, in closing the factories of the William Saurin company is remarkable and I was keen on this emphatic and public tribute to the Mozart of the Elysée Palace who plays us the 6th symphony (this is his 6th year in office) of the disaster.

A disaster announced here for months.

Energy prices are not compatible with a functional economy.

That’s all.

You could tell me, yes, but that’s because there’s no more energy.

I would say no, not at all!

There is potentially not enough if it’s too cold and over a few days we could have a quantity problem, but overall there is no supply problem, there is just a problem of calculating selling price of electricity. Basically it costs 0.50 cts to produce but we are forced to buy at 150, 200 sometimes 300 euros per unit and it has even gone up to more than 1,000. It’s just a huge organization of organized European gang of thieves.

When things go too far, the worst happens. It’s not desirable, but sometimes it happens and it’s not for lack of warning again. At these price levels, we cannot produce.

So, if we do nothing, we are heading towards a brutal collapse which will take place in the first quarter of 2023 and which will take around 3 months.

Brutal and fast kinetics for those interested.

Here’s what the very serious and conventional reports Le Figaro.fr here

William Saurin and Garbit shut down almost all of their production

Small clap of thunder in the food. Their owner Cofigeo will temporarily stop, from January 2, four of its eight factories in France.

“A Breaking Point”. By evoking last week the energy wall that many French agri-food companies are preparing to face, Mathieu Thomazeau, the president of Cofigeo (William Saurin, Garbit) half-acknowledged the impossibility for his French canneries to continue to operate at given energy prices.

Now the decision is made. This Tuesday, the group known for its brands William Saurin, Garbit, Raynal and Roquelaure and Zapetti announced the upcoming shutdown of four of its eight factories in France. Namely the sites of Capdenac (Aveyron), Pouilly-sur-Serre (Aisne), Camaret-sur-Aigues (Vaucluse) and Lagny (Marne).

This represents around 80% of the group’s production, which is completely shut down. And 800 of its 1,200 French employees will be granted a long-term partial activity agreement (APLD). “The purpose of this decision is to deal with the spectacular increase in its energy costs (gas and electricity necessary for cooking and sterilizing ready meals and recipes), which will be multiplied by 10 from the start of the year. “, justified the group in a press release.

The energy bill will increase from 4 million to more than 40 million euros! This is a multiplication by 10.

At these levels of increase, no company can resist.

No production activity can maintain its profitability.

You have to be a Palace Mozart not to know it, not to realize it and not to measure the seriousness of the consequences.

“Cofigeo’s choice is a small clap of thunder in the food industry. In view of the inflation of its costs, it has been alerting for weeks to the risk of production line stoppages. Until then, apart from a few heavy industry players like Duralex, no food manufacturer had taken such a drastic decision. According to several sources, other agri-food groups could be in great difficulty in January, weakening the continuity of production”.

Everyone alerts the extinguished lighthouse of the Palace already out of power for a long time.

All this country will stop in the next 3 months because the method of calculating the selling price of electricity is completely surreal and the fruit of the delusions of our Europath technocrats in Brussels.

We can do without Pyrex glass, we can do without a certain number of things, but it is difficult to do without food.

It is difficult to do without the cold chain, and frozen foods. If William-Saurin cuts the lights and closes its factories, what do you think will happen to Picard and its frozen foods? What do you think will happen to the other factories? What do you think will happen to the supermarkets of Edouard Leclerc who is shouting on TV sets while trying to modestly warn about the terrible inflation that is coming without saying everything he knows and without offending the power in place , because Michel-Edouard cannot displease him. Already the Leclercs are changing and reducing their opening hours. That alone is information in itself about the seriousness of the situation.

But in everything misfortune is good, and I see in it a happy omen.

We are in a fractured and divided country. If we really think about it, our divisions and fractures are subjects of the “rich”. I can tell you that wokism in the face of empty shelves will quickly be relegated to the dustbin of history.

What is symbolic in this story is that William Saurin is couscous, like cassoulet. It is an accurate representation of our country.

And what will happen is that after the holidays, there will be no more cassoulet or couscous.

We are going to rediscover in a form of culinary ecumenism and scarcity unity in poverty.

We probably need to go through this step collectively.

Our Mozart of the Palace could have the courage with a simple stroke of the pen to change the rules of the selling price of energy.

If he doesn’t, he’ll discover something as old as the world.



No police, no militia, and no flashballs will stop a hungry country.

Because, Mr. President, know it, in a few months, to tell you clearly, you will have the junction of couscous and cassoulet eaters and they will sweep over the Palace. So it would be better for you to open the floodgates of the electricity fairy quickly, very quickly and send the German Chancellor to hell. Otherwise, the feast will be you, and you’re not big enough to feed the country so try not to starve it… Even if it’s your “project”. And to this project we will oppose another.

Where you want to turn off the electricity we want to put the light.

Where you want to starve yourself, we want to feed, cultivate, produce.

Where you leave to die in hospitals, we want to treat, our elders, like our children and all those who need it without distinction of any kind.

Where you want to confine, lock up, monitor, we want to free, open and breathe.

Where you want to make war, we want to bring peace.

Where you want to divide, through communitarianism, wokism etc, we want unity and cohesion.

Where you want to destroy everything, we want to build and build.

Where you put fears, we want hope, love, and courage.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !

Charles SANNAT

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“William Saurin ceases production in France and closes its factories. The food industry destroyed by energy. What will we eat in 2023? “. Editorial by Charles SANNAT – Insolentiae