Yon González, protagonist of ‘Memento Mori’: “In the series I have no reference, everything is mine”

yon gonzalez Y Olivia Baglivi are part of the distribution memento moria series for Amazon Prime Video which is expected to be released in 2023 and is inspired by the novel by César Pérez Versos Songs and Bits of Meat. It’s a thriller police in which the homicide inspector Ramiro Sánchez investigates the murder of a young Ecuadorian woman. The plot is set in Valladolid, but part of the recording is taking place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The filming was presented this Tuesday at the Hotel Cordial La Peregrina.

The Plaza Mayor de Santa Ana is the setting chosen by Zebra Productions to emulate the streets of Valladolid in the capital of Gran Canaria. A project, like the rest, with many complications and González is clear about which is the main one for him: “The most complex thing is to stay satisfied.” The actor, star of memento mori, plays a psychopath named Ledesma. “A killer with many antlers, which is a very complex thing“, said.

Filming began a few years ago in Valladolid and, after leaving the island, it will continue in Madrid. The series, which will consist of six episodes of 45 minutes each, has in the team of executive producers with Joseph Velasco, Sara Fernandez-Velasco, Luis Arranz Y Marco A. Castillo. The cast includes actors of the stature of Francis Ortiz, John Echanove Y Manuela Velles.

What has the series meant

Who was already part of the cast of The Cable Girls either The heirs of the earth believes that “people will like the series” and stressed that he is dedicated to an “infinite job in which you don’t know when to stop, so reaching the objectives that one has set is the most complicated thing”.

Olivia Baglivi narrated that the filming is assuming a personal and professional learning because she had never been in a series. It is the “most complex and with the most edges” production that she has faced, but she stated that “although it is a challenge, it is still a beautiful journey”.


Baglivi did not hesitate to say that the greatest challenge that has been set before him memento mori it’s his character. “Violeta has a very different energy from mine,” she stressed, adding: “I think it’s putting yourself in a skin and in a mind that works at very natural rhythms.” He defined the girl he plays as “a complex and passionate girl”, as well as “physically very impulsive”. A job that she, she claimed, “requires great mental and physical energy”.

Preparing a character isn’t always easy, and González said he spent the whole summer preparing his. “For this role I have no reference, absolutely everything is mine”, he stated, adding: “What I have tried is to absorb the idea and what the character thinks. I wanted to make it 100% mine without anything from anyone, “she stressed.

Yon Gonzalez and Olivia Baglivi. / EFE
Yon González and Olivia Baglivi during the presentation of the shooting. / EFE

What to expect from the series

The series “is a police thriller with a very frenetic pace, but I think it handles like many tempos,” Baglivi explained. The one that was part of the cast of dragonflies he describes the production he is working on as “a panorama of characters in which each one has a different human nature”. The actress said that the work has been very nice because she has the feeling that “characters have been brought together that have been exploited in the series”.

Yon González assured that in memento mori “strong things have been done and in the image you can see the brutality of the moment, so the public will freak out with this series”. The Basque believes that he is going to like it a lot “because it is made with great finesse within the brutal”, and they also have “a piece of director”. Marco Castillo is in charge of the direction of this series and González highlighted “his way of communicating and understanding”.

Work in the Canary Islands

When talking about his work, González stressed that the important thing is “to trust oneself and bet on the ideas that come from the script and you make them your own.” Furthermore, he stated that he should “bet on many hours of study and wander with your mind alone”, because, he comments, “at the end of all the scenes, in general, the important thing is where you are”.

The actor said that working in the Canary Islands is wonderful “being here with this temperature and with all the nice people around.” Baglivi agrees with this idea and stated that the islands “at the level of landscapes it is a joy” and that they feel “supercared”.

Baglivi refers to memento mori as a production that delves into “the humanity of those who are supposed to be the bad guys” something that raises “many questions about what is right and what is wrong”, and concludes: “This series makes moral dilemmas explode in your face”.

Yon González, protagonist of ‘Memento Mori’: “In the series I have no reference, everything is mine”