You: a star of the Netflix series soon in the Star Wars spin

A You star is set to join a new project soon. After Netflix, it is the Star Wars universe that the latter joins.

Good news for fans You ! A star of the Netflix series should soon join the cast of another project. This is the spin-off of Star Wars. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

You a hit series available on Netflix

Released in September 2018 on Netflix, the series You quickly caused a sensation among moviegoers. And for good reason ! This brilliantly follows the setbacks of a psychopath.

A psycho that the actor does not like very much. Indeed, during an interview for iNews, Penn Badgley confided in his role in the Netflix series.

The former star of gossip girl has almost refused because of the sympathy capital of the protagonist. “I couldn’t make up my mind, I was like, ‘I wish you the best, I hope you find someone. »

“But I’m not sure I want to do that.” For six months in the year, for potentially six years. That’s how television works. It is very different from the cinema”.

On the Vulture site, the actor who slips into the skin of Joseph Goldberg in You also added: “I don’t like Joe. A lot of actors say ‘Don’t judge a character, you might end up loving it’. »

” Not me. It took every inch of my abilities to do my job (…) I feel like I’m detached from this character because I don’t like him. I don’t feel like Joe. What interests me is the collaboration around this project and how people receive it. I’m sure I’m not going to defend Joe! »

In any case, one thing is certain, it is that Joe is not unanimous. However, subscribers to the video-on-demand service at N rouge seem rather satisfied. Besides, a whole new season should land soon on Netflix. MCE TV tells you more about the stars of You!

You: a star of the Netflix series soon in the Star Wars spin-off?

Exit the Netflix series a star of the show joins the Star Wars universe

fans of the series You will be thrilled. Indeed, a star of the show should soon join the cast of a Star Wars series. According to the latest information posted by MeltyAndor joins the Disney + catalog.

This is the prequel to Rogue One. Besides, The Acolyte is also preparing. The action of this series will take place “hundreds of years before the events shown in The Phantom Menace“, reports our colleagues.

According to Leslye Headland, writer and producer, The Acolyte should address ” the political, personal and spiritual issues that have arisen in a time we don’t know much about. »

Melty also explains that “The series will notably decipher the political landscape which has allowed a Sith (Dark Sidious) to infiltrate the Senate. »

For the casting, it would seem that the production is very interested in Charlie Barnett. This is the young man who plays Gabe Miranda in season 2 of You.

At least that’s what The Hollywood Reporter says. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that this new series already promises to delight fans of the Star Wars universe. To be continued…

You: a star of the Netflix series soon in the Star Wars spin-off?