You season 4 (Netflix): release date, cast, plots… All about the series

No sooner was season 3 over than Netflix officially announced the renewal of You for a season 4! This season 3 is amazing, which pays tribute to a comedian of the series, and involves a lot of psychology. The voice-over is full of humor and the plots are inspired by different worlds such as dexter – the questions that Joe asks himself about paternity and the part of Evil that is in him – or even Desperate Housewives – life in a perfect suburb full of unmentionable secrets, with appearances by Marcia Cross -. Casting, date, plots… these are all the first elements we have on this highly anticipated next opus with Penn Badgley !

Release date: when is season 3 coming out? You on Netflix?

Take out your calendars: You will make its big comeback on February 10, 2023. But this is not the only date that has been announced by the streaming giant. Indeed, on February 10, only a few episodes will be put online. This season 4 will actually be cut in half! You will therefore have to wait until March 10, 2023 to watch the second part of the new season.

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Production, filming: how many episodes does season 4 have? You ? How many episodes are there in seasons 1-3?

the filming for season 4 has started started in March 2022 in London. It is still ongoing in the summer of 2022. Great news, actor Penn Badgley will put on a new hat this year sincehe will direct an episode of You season 4. Each season of You has 10 episodes, so we can assume that it will also be the case for the fourth.

Casting: Penn Badgley (Joe), Victoria Pedretti (Love), Charlotte Ritchie (Kate), Aunt Gabrielle (Marienne)… Who are the actors and characters of You season 4?

The hero of You having managed to get out of it in extremis, Penn Badgley will take over the role of Joe Goldberg in season 4, even if this role of psychopath is not always easy to play for this young dad. Marie (Tati Gabrielle) could perhaps be in the credits of the next season, Joe having chosen Paris as his destination in the hope of finding her. On the other hand, it’s over for Victoria Pedrettti, whose character, Love, was killed by Joe at the end of the previous season. Unless his ghost comes back to haunt him, or she appears in flashbacks.

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Among the newcomers, is added Lukas Gage to the new episodes of season 4. He will play Adam, an American expatriate and youngest son of a wealthy East Coast tycoon, who hides many secrets. The actor has previously been seen in the series The White Lotus and LoveVictor. We can also count on Tilly Keeper (EastEnders), who will star as Lady Phoebe, a high-profile aristocrat who could become Joe’s new obsession. Amy Leigh Hickman will play Nadia, a young author threatened by her peers who want to see her career reduced to nothing. In production, Sera Gamble is also set to helm this sequel as showrunner. Also in the casting have been announced Ed Speleersmovie star Eragon released in 2006, Charlotte Ritchie (Ghosts), Niccy Lin (Lockdown Kings), Aidan Cheng, Stephen Hagan, Ben Wiggins, Eve Austin (Fearless), Ozioma Whenu, Dario Coates, Sean Pertwee, Brad Alexander, Alison Pargeter and Adam James.

Intrigues: what will be about season 4 of You ?

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In the third season finale of YouJoe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) said adios to Los Angeles and the very suburbs Desperate by Madre Linda. Hello Paris for the bookseller, who hopes to start a new life, under the assumed name of Nick, and has gone in search of his librarian lover, Marienne, who had told him that she was planning to return to Paris with her daughter . Will season 4 be shot in Paris?Each season of the show is held in a new locationshowrunner Sera Gamble told TVLine, I would love to do a European season. I think that would be really fun. One of the questions we always ask in this series is, what filthy privileged milieu do we want to throw Joe into? And there are many untapped places in the world, if you just leave the borders of the United States.”

This is the first time the series You will not be inspired by a novel by Caroline Kepnes. After this season 3 rich in events and revelations about Joe’s childhood, we thought that the stalker psychopath was going to settle in Paris, meet new people and perhaps find Marienne. On the latter, the question is still open, however, as far as the French capital is concerned, it is not there that Joe will finally strike. The production of You has indeed chosen to shoot in London this season 4.

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What to expect? To a jump in time? If he has entrusted his son Henry to his former colleague and friend from the library, he is therefore able to find him one day and vice versa since the child will surely know who his father is when he is old enough to understand.

On the look side, the first photos reveal a changed Joe, with a thick beard. On the heart side, set photos showed him kissing the character played by Charlotte Ritchie, Kate. His new target?

Actor Penn Badgley’s comments on season 4 of You :

Actor Penn Badgley revealed that the format of this season 4 would be different, without really specifying why and how: “The tone is similar, but it changes in the sense that the format is different. We use a different format. It’s almost like we’re changing the genre slightly. And I think it works.”

You : new season trailer

We will have to wait a little longer before discovering the trailer for season 4 of the series, still in the making.

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The latest news to know about season 4 of You

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You season 4 (Netflix): release date, cast, plots… All about the series