You season 4: Penn Badgley confides in the series!

Great news for You fans. Indeed, Penn Badgley does not hesitate to make revelations about season 4 of the series.

As season 4 of You prepares to land on Netflix, series star Penn Badgley makes some revelations about it. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The You series is a hit on Netflix

It’s no secret that Netflix never does things by halves. Indeed, the online streaming platform does not hesitate to offer many series. To the delight of its subscribers who seem to take great pleasure in discovering them.

Moreover, these Netflix series are wildly successful. Starting with You. Indeed, barely landed in its catalog, the series was immediately unanimous. Many viewers were then discover the crazy adventures of Joe Goldberg.

Psychopathic, obsessive, perverse and even murderous, the latter brings hell to the women he loves. Until he meets Love, a woman worthy of his follies. Moreover, the fans of You loved the character of the latter. Thus, they seem rather in favor of a spin-off on his character.

Faced with the growing success of the series, Netflix decided to renew the series for a season 2 then 3. Moreover, this last part of You particularly appealed to viewers. I have to say that the trailer already announced heavy.

But that’s not all. Indeed, a season 4 is about to land. Moreover, Penn Badgley, the star of You did not hesitate to make some revelations about these new episodes. MCE TV tells you more!

Penn Badgley makes revelations about season 4

Given the success of the first three seasons, Netflix decided to renew the You series for a fourth part. It must be said that the end of season 3 leaves the fans on their hunger. Yes, while Joe has killed his wife and faked his own death, he decides to go live in Paris. And in the city of love, new adventures seem to be waiting for her.

Season 4 of You should soon arrive on Netflix. And for good reason, filming has already taken place. Moreover, these weeks of filming have really not been easy for the actors of the series. And to the delight of fans, Penn Badgley made some revelations about it.

For our colleagues from EntertainmentTonightthe You actor said: “The tone is similar, but it changes in the sense that the format is different. We use a different format. It’s almost as if we change the genre slightly. And I think it works. »

In addition, in his podcast, Podcrushed, the actor also spoke about the series. He therefore confided: In our series, we always walk on a wire. We must examine the toxicity of sex culture while trying to be sexy. Whether it’s funny or scary, it always serves the story. »

One thing is certain, the You series has not finished surprising Netflix subscribers. Season 4 promises to be explosive. To be continued.

You season 4: Penn Badgley confides in the series!