Berlin: House of Cards spin

Berlin – press conference – Tristán Ulloa, Pedro Alonso and Joel Sánchez Presented to the world Berlinthe new spin-off series dedicated to the iconic robber de The paper house: in the prequel Pedro Alonso come back for «appear lighter and more comical, without renouncing the psychopathic side» It was presented yesterday in Madrid Berlinspin-off of … Read more

WWE RAW 05/12/2022 report (2/3) – Plans for next week

The second part of the red show opens with SETH “FREAKIN” ROLLINS entering the ring! The former US champion greets the Washington public and promises to beat Bobby Lashley in the next episode and become Theory’s first challenger. While the fans play with the Visionary’s theme song, BOBBY LASHLEY arrives in the square, who is … Read more

How to tell if you’re dealing with a psychopath

Psychopaths can live peacefully among ordinary people. It is not always easy to identify them, but through some simple tricks it is possible to recognize when a person may go crazy. Over the years, neurobiologists have identified several factors that are highly correlated and associated with violent behavior of some individuals. Firstly, childhood is an … Read more

Psicopatologia del sistema neoliberista


1. Ho scritto, recentemente, alcune riflessioni sulla connessione ineliminabile tra la psichiatria e il sistema in cui la sua attività si colloca ( Voglio qui approfondire il ragionamento collegandolo con il dibattito in corso nel Paese. La Società italiana di psichiatria ha dichiarato che la pandemia lascerà un’eredità di 300.000 nuovi casi, a cui le … Read more

#TellMeRock, 45 years of Psycho Killer by Talking Heads and that bass line that changed the new wave


EDITORIAL – Psychotic jewel by David Bryne and his Talking heads released on December 2, 1977, Psycho Killer features one of the most fantastic bass work in rock n’ roll history and the bridge sung in French. In the notes to the reissue of the album Talking Heads: 77 published in 2006, Bryne stated that … Read more

Dangerous Liaisons (2017) by Claudia Moscovici


Dangerous Liaisons it proposes to make known the characteristics of psychopathy, as a first step to defend against it. Advertisement The author, after having presented some cases of femicide and having recounted the models of dictatorships by psychopaths, in the introduction defines the psychopathy as ‘the disease of lack of love and the psychological root … Read more

RANKING: from 21st to 27th November – this week we highlight “La stella del Deserto” by Michael Connelly (Piemme)


Home > Leaderboards > RANKING: from November 21st to 27th – this week we highlight “The star of the desert” by Michael Connelly (Piemme) RANKING: from 21st to 27th November – this week we highlight “La stella del Deserto” by Michael Connelly (Piemme) The top 20 titles in the charts for the week of November … Read more

Putin, the psychologist Caretti: «He is a charismatic psychopath: he alters reality and does not feel emotions»


Professor Vincent Carettia clinical psychologist at Lumsa, an expert in dynamic psychology and psychopathology, many wonder about the madness of Putin. But is the Russian president really a madman?«Let’s say right away that Putin is perfectly capable of understanding and wanting, therefore any psychiatric disorder should be excluded. Rather, it is his social behavior, the … Read more