Psychopaths ‘live with us’, find out what distinguishes them and what makes them more dangerous | urgentbo

February 7 (– In movies, a psychopath tilts his head to the left or right, then smiles and stares at his victim. But is it possible to identify a psychopath with the naked eye? The president of the College of Psychology, Verónica Alfaro, mentions that no, but that you can distinguish this type of people … Read more

The beauty

Defining “beautiful” has always been a subject of extensive debate in the past and continues to be so today. Until now, it has not yet been “agreed” to “explain” what is beauty? On the one hand, there are the “objectivists” who tend to be frugal and flat on the subject, they say; beauty is everything … Read more

Those who listen to Eminem’s “Lose yourself” are psychopaths; says study

By Writing The Broken Chair Written in EVA’S HIP the 9/27/2022 6:24 p.m. If you like the theme of Eminem, “Lose Yourself”, you could be a psychopath. To be fair, whatever music you like, you could be a psychopathbut investigations indicate that said song of Eminem is quite popular among psychopaths diagnosed. In 2017, a … Read more

The terrible story of the psychopath who inspired the movie ‘The Orphan’


For many cult and horror movie lovers, the film The orphan is a classic that makes more than one bristle with the chilling attitudes of a little adopted girl who turns out to be really an adult woman with serious mental problems. What many do not know is that this story was inspired by a … Read more

Profile of the psychopath who lures his victim with perks


After the Public ministry determined that the adolescent Cruz Snayderlin Dadus Poche (Yeilin) ​​was dismembered and buried in some bushes by a neighbor who had summoned her to a place to deliver an iPhone phone, the psychiatrist José Miguel Gómez explains that the psychopath or highly dangerous homicide develops dexterity and ability to detect his … Read more

May the psychopathy of authoritarians not intoxicate society


Many words are used without knowing their meaning well.. Among them, the term “psychopathy” has increased in frequency. Some time ago I pointed out that it entails, fundamentally, the absence of guilt and sorrow. A psychopath does not suffer from them like the generality of people. Hence the perplexity that certain individuals arouse by their … Read more

6 Red Flags to Recognize a Sociopath, According to a Psychotherapist Who Trained the FBI and CIA


The sociopathy It is a mental disorder characterized by a personality disorder that involves antisocial or asocial behavior. According to the Mayo Clinic, who have this antisocial personality disorder they show no discernment between right and wrong and are ignorant of the rights and feelings of others. What signs can alert you that you are … Read more

Silvia Pinal sent a message to her granddaughter Frida Sofía


Frida declared in 2021 that she did not believe her grandmother was aware of her statements against Enrique Guzmán (Photos: Instagram) Silvia Pinal He went out partying last Friday, December 2; the beloved actress accompanied her friend, the producer Sergio Gabrielat his birthday party, an event where he was able to share with the press … Read more

13 Signs You’re Dealing With A Psychopath


What is a psychopath, exactly? While it’s easy to label an awkward coworker or ex-adulterer as a psychopath, how can you tell the difference between a real psychopath and someone who’s just a jerk? A correct diagnosis can only be given by a medical professional. “Anything else is speculation,” warns Robert Schug, an associate professor … Read more

“If the person produces images of sexual abuse we have 100% psychopathy”

The official expert of the Judiciary of Córdoba, Marcela Scarafia, specializes in psychological profiles of groomers (an adult who harasses a minor through new technologies) as well as those who consume and distribute images linked to child sexual abuse. «They are different profiles“, explained this Master in Neuropsychology. Last Tuesday, 3 were held raids in … Read more