Pedro Sánchez, character in the history of Spain

If President Sánchez stopped looking at his navel, from being worried about continuing, from looking in the mirror to appreciate his elegant silhouette that is going to go down in history, he may realize some truths that he proclaims are perogrullo. Those who, according to the criteria of historians, deserve to go down in history … Read more

The gastronomic entrepreneurs join the debate of the night and ask that it be possible to dance in bars

Put an end to the dichotomy dance yes or dance no and thus with the so-called “misrepresentation of the category” It is the proposal that the gastronomy will take next Wednesday to the discussion on the regulation of nightlife in Rosario, a debate that the councilors of the Government commission started once again last month … Read more

Christian Bale chooses the best characters he had to play

It is not necessary to clarify that Christian bale He has an enviable filmography that very few actors today can achieve. Considered one of the best actors of his generation, Bale has worked with today’s best directors such as Christopher Nolan, Adam McKay, Ridley Scott, James Mangold, among others. The actor born in Welsh 48 … Read more

The Sci


It’s rare that anything from Steven Spielberg goes unnoticed, but ‘War of the Worlds’ didn’t get all the love it needed. There is nothing that resists Steven Spielberg. The filmmaker can carry out the ‘remake’ of a classic like West Side Storythe fantasy of Ready Player One or the magnificent drama of The Pentagon Files … Read more

These would be the most realistic psychopaths in the cinema


Psychopathy is a personality disorder that derives from affective, interpersonal and behavioral characteristics, such as manipulation, egocentrism and lack of guilt, among others, explains Robert Hare, one of the most important scholars of criminal psychology. . In the movies, there are several examples of characters, especially villains, who seem to fit that classification. Even many … Read more

To trade bitcoin you have to control emotions and “be kind of psychopathic”


Advertising For trading, more precisely bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, emotions must be controlled. It is emotional maturity that allows profit. Stress or other feelings can lead to exiting the market, where, par excellence, money can be made – and lost. This is how it is seen by professional traders in the cryptocurrencies that, in a … Read more

Plutarco Haza, the mysterious policeman from Where there was a fire: “There is a psychopath on the loose”


Plutarco Haza gives life to “Noé Serrano” in the story that mixes drama, action and romance in the resolution of a police mystery (Photo: Make it press) For Plutarch Haza It has been a year of telling different audiences, those of the theater, open television and the platforms of streamingdifferent stories with challenging characters, such … Read more

More than 3 thousand executives participated in the Dialogue Tables of the Ministry of Education


The sessions last more than four hours. In them, the Minister of Education, Adriana Cantero, accompanied by the Secretary of Education, Víctor Debloc, and the undersecretaries of initial, primary, secondary level and the provincial director of private education expose the main lines regarding the renewal of the Santa Fe pedagogical model, to subsequently give rise … Read more

Festival Rizoma: una cita con el cine más joven y menos complaciente


El séptimo arte, en su naturaleza, se mantiene siempre vivo y cambiante, como si poseyera una biología propia. No sólo en el desarrollo de su lenguaje —donde queda englobada la estética, la técnica y la tecnología— sino también como reflejo de los cambios que se producen en la sociedad, experimentados por los individuos que la … Read more