Review by Emanuele Sacchi Thursday 1 September 2022  An important job opportunity for Francis, Romanian on his mother’s side, involves his transfer from the United States to a B&B in Bucharest, together with his attractive wife Julia. Alone in her room all day and surrounded by huge windows, Julia begins to develop a growing … Read more

From Pennywise to Joker: 10 movies with scary clowns

The Joker by Todd Phillips has conquered Venice while the Clown Pennywise is back on Italian screens in the sequel EN Chapter 2. Joaquin Phoenix provided a very personal incarnation of the iconic villain completely unhooked from the comics, while Bill Skarsgård returned as the atavistic and hungry evil incarnation that the now adult members … Read more

Black Phone film review by Scott Derrickson with Ethan Hawke


First film direction by Scott Derrickson since the time of Doctor Strange of 2016 – hiatus also due to his initial involvement as director in the recent sequel to the film, eventually directed by Sam Raimi – Black phone is loosely based on a story by Joe Hillson of Stephen King who followed in his … Read more

Padre Pio seen by Abel Ferrara: «He was a poet like Pasolini»


PESAROPio before becoming Father Pio. Pio fighting against the devil. Pio in the most difficult year, 1920, when for the Holy Office, in the words of Father Agostino Gemelli, his stigmata were nothing more than the act of a “self-harming psychopath”. He will be a Padre Pio far from classical iconography, “very close to Pierpaolo … Read more

Tonight on TV: “The intruder” on Rai 2


Cast and characters Dennis QuaidCharlie PeckMichael EalyScott RussellMeagan GoodAnnie RussellJoseph SikoraMikeLili Sepe: daughter Charlie PeckDebs Howard: Reception Clerk Italian dubbers Massimo Rossi: Charlie PeckAndrea LavagninoScott RussellPearl Liberatori: Annie RussellMassimo TriggianiMike The plot When a young married couple (Michael Ealy and Meagan Good) buy their dream home in Napa Valley, they think they’ve found the perfect … Read more

The Stranger: The baffling true story behind the Netflix movie with Joel Edgerton


The Stranger is the film that arrives on Netflix on October 13th. It tells the story of afriendship particular between two strangers, an undercover cop and a pedophile who has been wanted for almost ten years. From a shocking true story that rocked Australia. The Stranger is the movie with Joel Edgerton And Sean Harris … Read more