The spirits of the island arrive at the cinema. The movie review

Martin McDonagh’s surreal comedy-drama, which pays homage to Beckett’s theater of the absurd and Irish folklore, is out in cinemas today. Winner of 3 Golden Globe (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Screenplay) and nominated for 9 Academy Awards Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on news from around the world Green Ireland is colored … Read more

NEXO+ | Le novità di febbraio 2023

Nexo Digital ha annunciato i nuovi contenuti in arrivo sulla piattaforma di streaming Nexo+ nel mese di febbraio 2023. Tra i titoli più interessanti in arrivo citiamo lo speciale dedicato al “Black History Month” con i documentari su Barack Obama e Nelson Mandela e l’omaggio a Rosa Parks; le playlist sulla musica italiana per Sanremo 2023; i festeggiamenti (poco … Read more

“Mimma and Prince Charming”, a journey into the depths of the mind of Homo Panormitanus

Sold out and applause at the Re Mida theater in Palermo for the brilliant comedy by Bartolomeo Cosenza Extraordinary success of the brilliant comedy by Bartolomeo Cosenza (known composer from Palermo whose music is performed all over the world) “Mimma and the charming prince”, which for three evenings 27, 28, and 29 January was represented … Read more

Heath Ledger, his Joker remains legendary: here’s who inspired him

– Continue reading below – Why so serious? For some, perhaps this phrase says nothing at first glance, but it was pronounced by one of the most talented and multifaceted artists who have ever appeared on the big screen, in one of his most iconic and unforgettable interpretations: we are talking about Heath LedgersAustralian actor … Read more

Buy, Mastandrea e l?angelo Servillo. La recita tra i gangster di Vanessa Paradis. L?aereo impazzito del pilota Gerard Butler. Jasmine Trinca ostaggio dell?Isis. Il matrimonio esplosivo di Jennifer Lopez. Il fanta

Il Punto | la newsletter del Corriere della Sera Venerd 27 gennaio 2023 Buy, Mastandrea e l’angelo Servillo. La recita tra i gangster di Vanessa Paradis. L’aereo impazzito del pilota Gerard Butler. Jasmine Trinca ostaggio dell’Isis. Il matrimonio esplosivo di Jennifer Lopez. Il fanta-thriller coreano sull’intelligenza artificiale. Diventa un cartoon il diario segreto di Anna … Read more

Cinema at 100 percent, here are the reviews of the films released on January 26th

THE FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE Director: Paolo Genovese Cast: Toni Servillo, Margherita Buy, Valerio Mastandrea, Sara Serraiocco, Gabriele Cristini Duration: 121 Ariadne (Buy) is one policewoman who harbors an ancient pain inside the heart. Napoleon (Mastandrea) motivates others but has an inexplicable emptiness inside. Emilia (Serraiocco) is a former gymnastics champion confined to a … Read more

The spirits of the island – Review of the film by Martin McDonagh

The spirits of the island: Review of the film winner of the Coppa Volpi at Venice 79 for best leading actor. Well today we review the acclaimed The spirits of the islandwhose original title is the unpronounceable and far more hermetic, perhaps evocative, The Banshees of Inisherin. Opus directed and entirely written, starting from his … Read more

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, advice from Guillermo del Toro and themes from Daniel, Emma and Rupert

Third film in the Harry Potter saga, The Prisoner of Azkaban marks the entry of a new director, Alfonso Cuarón, who imposed a darker atmosphere… and accepted on the advice of a friend. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) is a seminal film in the Harry Potter saga: he is the first to … Read more

The answer to the Segre’s provocation is Remo Girone’s ‘Wiesenthal’

Liliana Segre. “I know what people say about Remembrance Day. People have been saying for years already, enough with this idea, how boring». Behind the bitter outburst of life senator Liliana Segre, an Auschwitz survivor, we must read the danger that has always hovered over the Holocaust and the extermination of eleven million men and … Read more

Londra tra panico e fantasmi

Maggio, 2017. Ho diciannove anni e quando arriverà la sera andrò a una festa su un battello fluviale. Londra, l’America dell’Europa, la metropoli che non passa mai di moda. Il porto dove sono attraccata anch’io, insieme ad altri milioni d’oggetti superflui. Sto bene. Tra la frenesia del giorno e la violenza della notte. Sto bene. … Read more