He had tried to kill the director Alain Françon in Montpellier: “He has a cutter, he is angry”

Mohamed Kamel, 33, is accused of having seriously injured the septuagenarian with a cutter on March 17, 2021 in the streets of Montpellier. For no apparent reason. Except that he had been expelled from the prefecture where he wanted to renew his residence permit. The trial of Mohamed Kamel opens this Monday, December 5 before … Read more

Stories of cheating wives: “My boyfriend challenged me to cheat on him”

Stories of cheating wives: “My boyfriend challenged me to cheat on him” In March 2019, the profile of the typical unfaithful woman was shared by a specialized dating site: 37 years old on average, senior executive, city dweller, married for more than five years and mother of two children. Various studies also tend to show … Read more

The man accused of having wanted to kill Alain Françon “is not a monster, it’s a grenade unpinned”

At the start of his trial for attempted murder of theater director Alain Françon, on March 17, 2021 in the center of Montpellier, Mohamed Kamel wanted to apologizer “in relation to the victim. I did not intend to kill her. I wanted to hurt her”. In the middle of the street, while he was walking … Read more

The aggressor of the director Alain Françon in 2021 in Montpellier appeared before the assizes

Opening this Monday before the Hérault Assize Court of the trial of the attacker of Alain Françon. This 78-year-old Parisian theater director had been stabbed with a violent knife in the neck on March 17, 2021 in Montpellier. That morning, Alain Françon was walking quietly through the streets of L’Ecusson when he received a violent … Read more

Are psychopaths especially intelligent?


The myth of the psychopathic genius regularly fuels the imagination of filmmakers. The most famous example is certainly the character of Hannibal Lecter, in Thesilenceofthelambs. But are psychopaths really, in addition to their dark and often harmful personalities, particularly intelligent? Hervey Cleckley (1903-1984), a pioneer in American research on psychopathy, considered intelligence to be central … Read more

Here it all begins: Jude ready to end his life… The summary in advance of December 5 (SPOILERS)


Jasmine and Greg laughingly watch the video of Jude spraying the chefs with cream. They lie to Eliott about what makes them laugh so much. Eliott tells that he has not heard from Jude and that he thinks he will not recover from this humiliation in front of a leader he admires. He wonders if … Read more

People with psychopathies move their heads very little when they speak, according to this study


According to scientists, non-verbal behaviors can tell a lot about a person. They can tell you about a person’s state of mind: someone who will be stressed or anxious will have a non-verbal behavior different from someone who is calm. But the most amazing thing is that thanks to these non-verbal behaviors, it would be … Read more

La victimisation, cette arme pour psychopathes ? Plusieurs études réalisées par des psychiatres révèlent les dangers posés par les excès de la culture woke


Black Lives Matter. Atlantico : Que savons-nous de la psychologie des mouvements de victimisation ? Michael Shellenberger : Nous savons historiquement que les mouvements de victimisation sont très dangereux, enclins à la violence et à l’extrémisme. L’exemple le plus célèbre est celui de l’Allemagne nazie, fondé sur l’idée que les Allemands avaient été victimisés par … Read more

Our review of the documentary Hannibal Hopkins and Sir Anthony: La chance d’un dunce on Arte


Anthony Hopkins and Jody Foster in Thesilenceofthelambsin 1990. © Bison archives CRITICISM – Over a beautiful portrait signed by the sisters Clara and Julia Kuperberg, all the complexity of the actor who became famous thanks to the silence of the lambs. Hannibal Hopkins and Sir Anthonya documentary not to be missed this Sunday, November 27 … Read more