Stranger Things 4: who is the disturbing Victor Creel?

Available on Netflix, part 1 of season 4 arrives with its share of new characters. Among them is the disturbing Victor Creel, played by horror film legend Robert Englund. Warning, spoilers! This article reveals key plot elements of Season 4 of Stranger Things. If you haven’t seen Part 1 of Season 4 and don’t want … Read more

Paul Dano today is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood: portrait of the Riddler from The Batman

Zoë Kravitz has bewitched us, Robert Pattinson amazed, but it is Paul Dano the real revelation of the last film The Batman. In the shoes ofRiddler, Paul gave yet another proof of his talent. Paul is the actor that Hollywood needed: quick-change, eclectic, able to bring home the result whatever it is. The tightrope walker … Read more