Sandra Bullock : Ses 30 meilleurs films à voir et à revoir

Sandra Annette Bullock est née en Virginie à Arlington le 26 juillet 1964. A 57 ans, l’actrice est l’une des plus connues au monde. Grâce à ses nombreux rôles, elle a su s’imposer sur la scène hollywoodienne et devenir une icône. C’est en 1994 après plusieurs petits rôles que sa carrière décolle quand elle joue … Read more

Do you have to be a psychopath to invest in cryptos?


People interested in cryptocurrencies share common characteristics with psychopaths, narcissists and Machiavellian personalities, according to an Australian study. These three traits, also known as the “dark triad,” are often linked to risky behaviors. Investing in cryptocurrencies is often a highly speculative investment, which can take high risks, but which can also pay off big. The … Read more

We have reviewed for you … The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (Lifetime)


The most high-profile criminal cases have often served as the basis for fiction. The Lizzie Borden Chronicles is inspired by an ancient crime, which marked the collective unconscious and permeated American culture. A TV movie and an 8-episode mini-series illustrate the passage from the business itself to its expansion into the realm of myth, in … Read more

Salah Abdeslam’s defense pleads against ‘excessive’ sentence


Salah Abdeslam is “not a psychopath“and shall not be sentenced to”a social death sentence“. At the trial of the attacks of November 13, the defense of the only surviving member of the commandos pleaded on Friday to spare him life in prison. The National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office (Pnat) requested against the 32-year-old Frenchman the heaviest … Read more

Elizabeth Holmes trial: “The system is in place for a new Theranos”

Come on, let’s pack up. No more camping chairs unfolded in front of the court at 4 a.m., the blue light of the journalists’ screens which flicker in the night and the young women dressed as Elizabeth Holmes, in support of the entrepreneur who faces twenty years in prison for having defrauded investors and patients. … Read more

Are writers psychopaths like the others?

Gwydion M Williams, CC BY 2.0 Over three studies, 503 men and women were screened for an initial study. It was necessary to measure a triad of specific characters, to explore their dark side, through three tendencies: Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy. In a second approach, their creative levels were measured: visual arts, creative writing, dance, … Read more

When your child is a psychopath


©Chris Delmas / AFP mindhunter Still poorly understood, psychopathy affects some adults but also children. Behavioral disorders, aggressiveness or perversity, what signs can identify psychopathy in children? Atlantico: The detection of psychopathy at an early age is based on certain warning signs such as antisocial behavior, violent impulses, or animal torture and a tendency to … Read more

The greatest movie villains ranked by their degree of psychopathy


When we mention the “psychopaths” of cult movies, several names naturally come to mind. These are often characters whose personalities have marked us a lot, and who have sometimes been the source of a few nocturnal nightmares. But what is it really? Are these characters really psychopaths, in the clinical sense of the term? the … Read more