10 true crime books to read during spooky season

you love it true crime on TV, YouTube and podcasts, the next step for you will be to read a good book about a real fact that will send shivers down your spine.

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The madness of true crime has been everywhere for a few years! If you’ve seen and heard it all, you’re probably looking for book suggestions. We unearthed 10 of them for you, some of which made in Quebec, to read only you have the courage!

Here are 10 intriguing murder mystery books:

1. (Dean Jobb)


From Quebec to London, Dr. Cream frightened people wherever he went. This doctor took advantage of his position to murder several women, sometimes performing illegal abortions, other times poisoning them. The book follows the entire investigation of this unrecognized prolific serial killer from the same era as Jack the Ripper.

2. (Victoria Charlton)


You know her and you love her like we do, Victoria Charlton is back! For her third volume, she presents us with no less than 20 new stories of strange crimes. We talk about cannibalism, serial murders, unexplained disappearances and more. The book is available for pre-order and will be sent from October 26.

3. (Don Davis)


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If you’ve listened to the popular but disturbing series Dahmer, you already know this story. The killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer murdered at least 17 young men from the 70s to the 90s in the United States. This book explores the investigation, but also the psychology behind Dahmer and all psychopaths.

4. (Michelle McNamara)


This posthumous book by investigative journalist Michelle McNamara is so disturbing you won’t be able to put it down. She investigated for years the hitherto anonymous serial killer known as the Golden State Killer. After his death, the case that terrorized California for decades was solved, thanks to some theories put forward by Michelle.

5. (John Douglas and Mark Olshaker)


This book is the one that inspired the popular Netflix series, mindhunter. The FBI’s star profiler, Special Agent John Douglas, shares his interviews with serial killers and his various techniques for determining the profile of a criminal. These were created in the 70s and are still used today.

6. (Émile Gauthier and Sébastien Lévesques)


The two hosts of the popular Quebec podcast share in this book 11 twisted stories with a twist digital. Assassination on Instagram, unusual reality TV, recruitment of victims on Twitter by a murderer, horror mansion, online radicalization… these stories are just as exciting as they are disturbing.

7. (Ann Rule)


This unique book features an intimate portrait of serial killer Ted Bundy. Indeed, its author, Ann Rule, worked alongside it for several nights. Worried about the spate of murdered and missing young women in the area, Ann even asked Ted to drive her to her car after their shift. The proof that you never really know who you are dealing with.

8. (Rabia Chaudry)


Available in English only, this book follows the legendary case of the assassination of Hae Min Lee and its convicted assassin, Adnan Syed. This story made headlines in 2014 when the podcast Serial was unveiled, then again in 2022 when Adnan was released, 22 years after being imprisoned for the crime.

9. (Jacques Cote)


This book recounts in detail the unsolved murder of a Quebec actress, France Lachapelle, on the night of October 22, 1980. The murder took place in Quebec City and, years later, the author revisits it by presenting each detail and theory to make you think.

10. (Susanne Rebber and Robert Renaud)


Available in English only, this disturbing book chronicles the mysterious death of young Neil Stonechild, a 17-year-old teenager found dead, frozen in Saskatoon after being last seen in a police cruiser. The authors then uncover a ton of similar cases, all among young First Nations men and all involving local police. A disturbing but important read.

Read at your own risk!

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10 true crime books to read during spooky season