A test to find out if your cat is a psychopath

Cats are sometimes difficult to understand. They can even be ruthless. Bad guys. Do you see what I’m talking about ? Then the questionnaire developed by researchers at the University of Liverpool is certainly for you. It should help you assess your cat’s level of psychopathy. And why not, to find solutions to appease your relationship.

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If I tell you psychopath, you immediately think of Hannibal Lecter? Or maybe Dexter? Or to Anton Chigurh, the big villain of No country for old men? Annie Wilkes, the furious fan of Misery? Or in real life, to Jeffrey Dahmer? But you have to admit that you also have serious doubts about… your cat!

Is your cat a psychopath? Or is he just… a little temperamental? Of the University of Liverpool scientists (United Kingdom) offer you today to get to the bottom of it. Thanks to a questionnaire available online which allows, according to them, to evaluate the psychopathic tendencies of our adored tomcats. To develop it, they relied on thousands of cat-human relationships.

Remember that psychopathy is defined as a personality disorder. It is characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, an absence — or at least an alteration — ofempathy and remorse as well as bold, uninhibited and selfish traits. Among the conceptualizations of this disorder that coexist today is the triarchic model underlying the work of researchers at the University of Liverpool. He insists on three observable characteristics: audacity — reflected in great self-confidence and a high tolerance for stress and danger — disinhibition — which is a lack of impulse control — and meanness — characterized by a lack of attachment to others.

Improve the cat-human relationship

Your cat he explores dangerous environments like the neighbor’s garden in which a vicious dog is prowling. Does he chase other cats? Does it torment its prey? Does he run into your apartment for no reason? Does he obey your house rules? Does he suddenly change his mood? Does he sometimes scream for no apparent reason? Does he like petting? From 46 such questions, the researchers promise to send you back an estimate of your cat’s level of psychopathy. With the aim of helping you improve your relationship with him.

The researchers point out that it is likely that all cats present at least one or other of the characteristics of psychopathy. The heavy heritage of their ancestors compelled them to struggle constantly to access food, territory or even mating. However, some of these characteristics associated with psychopathy are regularly invoked when cats are abandoned.

Have you ever wondered why cats cackle when they observe a bird? This could be a case of “aggressive mimicry”! © Futura

The work of researchers from the University of Liverpool shows that a cat’s disinhibition and hostility towards pets can be synonymous with better quality relationships with people. On the other hand, wickedness and audacity appear to be detrimental. But solutions — other than abandonment — can be found. Like simply providing your cat with obstacles to climb or scratching objects.

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A test to find out if your cat is a psychopath