Bitcoin Fans Are Big, Selfish Psychopaths, Says Funny Study

We didn’t see it happen that one – In the cryptosphere, we become accustomed to the usual bad faith arguments like “Bitcoin is crime money”or “Bitcoin is a planet-eating energy monster”. But there, we did not expect to be treated like “selfish psychopaths” by a study whose funders are undoubtedly pro-cryptos without any conflict of interest (we can actually be sarcastic in any case).

Crypto investors: filthy beings representative of the “Dark Tetrad”?

Buckle up, dear crypto-enthusiast friends, it has rarely been brought against investors of Bitcoin (BTC) such a level insults. And yet, God knows they were many the insults leveled against this type of investment.

Researchers, surely steeped in good intentions, wished analyze character traits people interested in cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, they clearly had nothing to do with the spirit ofindependenceof freedomofinnovation and of Protection of private life worn by Cypherpunks and Satoshi Nakamoto. No, these scientists wished to study the features (all hyper-negative) of the black tetrad among crypto-enthusiasts.

The Black Tetrad (or Dark Tetrad) brings together the character traits of the Machiavellianismfrom narcissismof the psychopathyand sadism. You have been warned, let’s go!

Bitcoin fans, “big psychopaths”?

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So, are bitcoin enthusiasts “the embodiment of evil” or is it?

This study on 566 individuals only included 25% of bitcoin and crypto owners (a micro-sample of around 140 people). And 66% showed an interest (realized or potential) in investing in cryptocurrencies.

To summarize the results of the study: the investor in bitcoins is considered by these analysts as a calculating psychopath with an inflated ego. And yes, loving cryptocurrencies would make us Machiavellians, narcissists, psychopaths and sadists. All spaces of the Black Tetrad are ticked!

“(…) many crypto proponents believe that governments are corrupt, and that crypto avoids government corruption. (…) For them, the pleasure of seeing the suffering of others and the fear of missing an opportunity (FOMO) are perhaps linked to selfishness. »

Dr. Di Wang, lead author of the study

You will have understood it, the simple fact of being a adventurer/pioneer/visionary who dares to take risks by being at the forefront of innovation and future disruptive mass movements, or even not have one overconfidence in governments (whose history has demonstrated countless times that it was necessary to be wary of it, especially in monetary matters) makes us evil beings, subject to the psychotic pangs of the Dark Tetrad. Even being accustomed to invective permanent “good guys” who don’t like Bitcoin and cryptos, this one was tough, we warned you!

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Bitcoin Fans Are Big, Selfish Psychopaths, Says Funny Study