Dark Empathy: Beware of This Dangerous Personality Trait

Published on May 13, 2022 at 3:51 p.m.


According to a study, people who are falsely empathetic have a toxic personality.

Psychologists have developed a classification of personalities the most dangerous, called the dark triad and often found in toxic people. Machiavellianism, the narcissism and rarer, psychopathy, are character traits generally perceived as negative. But recent research shows that a fourth, more devious personality aspect could be added to this pyramid. Dark empathy, or “dark empathy” in English, is difficult to spot. It would be the most dangerous personality trait of all.

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Those with this personality tend to have problems withempathy emotional or to physically feel someone else’s emotions. Yet this is what characterizes positive forms of empathy: the ability to understand emotions (cognitive empathy) or to feel them oneself (affective empathy). According to ” Insider “, black empathy is not a mental health disorder diagnosable, but a personality trait that one can embody to varying degrees.

great manipulators

What is the difference between a “dark empath” and a narcissist? The latter has charm but despises the emotions of others and shows no empathy. The first, on the contrary, will be able to deceive in a relationship where he will seem invested because he knows how to demonstrate cognitive empathy. According to “Insider”, he could use what he learns to manipulate you, while maintaining an emotional distance. A dark empath will give “surgical, almost precise attention to another person to understand what motivates them in order to extract data that might be useful to them. In short, he’s one hell of a manipulator.

People who belong to the dark triad in many cases do not feel empathy. A study published in the journal “Personality and Individual Difference” and spotted by “Marie Claire”, during which the researchers psychologically evaluated 1000 people, shows that 13% of the participants were “dark” in nature and had a low level of empathy : so they were part of the dark triad. 34% of participants had average scores in both categories (neutral) and 33% had high empathy and low dark traits (empathic). A fourth group emerged (20%), characterized by high cognitive and emotional empathy and a high level of dark traits. It is therefore easy for these people to exploit and hurt without others around them even realizing it.

How to recognize it?

The traits and signs of a “black empath” are subtle, but can include the lovebombing, gaslighting or sarcasm, adds “Insider”. Their jokes are always sarcastic: biting humor would be an indirect but effective way to affect someone else. They are guilty and can show themselves manipulators. Above all, don’t be fooled by appearances: when they don’t get what they want, they can be sneaky.

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